Sunday, February 5, 2012


I enjoy helping others in need whenever I can and especially Pets that have no voice and can't ask for help.
I have a goal now to help some pet rescue centers with part of the proceeds from my cook book.
I do have another goal and that is to be able to sell enough to save up to move back up farther North to be closer to my Friends and Family. There is no way that can happen from our retirement income soooo along with the cook book and selling on ebay and a few Garage sales I hope to achieve that goal by July 20th (and I did put a reserve on a U Haul for that date).
I know it will take more than 1 truck to move all our belongings but since it will be Billy and I doing all the packing and Loading and driving we may have to make a second trip.
I do think I can achieve this goal since I have always been able to do so in the past. Here are just a few of the newspaper articles about my achievements in the past ( can get free P R from most all newspapers) This first picture is Nellie and I showing the news reporter how we put the Cook Book's together. This was 20 years ago and he came to our houseI guess his favorite recipe was from Brooke Shields and he liked the picture of her :)
This is where I made about 25 Gingerbread Houses and sold them at a craft sale to help pet shelters
This is the young boy I helped with CP to get some Chairs he needed. He is now 16 and is going for special driving lessons so he can be able to drive some day
This is the article that the news paper did about it and when the Jaycees saw it they donated part of the chairs plus another man saw it and came by my house and wrote a ck for $300.00 for the last chair. Made me very happy even though I only sold 2 cook books (on that round) and I was able to achieve my goal to help Josh
These are just a few things I have listed now on ebay so go take a look if you can
My Husband even decided to part with his collectible saw to help the moving fund :)
Here is a link to my auctions so you can check everything out and also don't forget to check out my selling blog for some great deals
I will be adding more all week that a lot of you crafters might like


Carmen C. said...

I wish you much success with the cookbook Nancy and I'm sure the rescues will be thrilled for the support!!! I am debating volunteering at a rabbit rescue, but it is an hours drive from where I live so have to think about it. Thanks for your sweet comments regarding my Kiah, gosh just the thought of possibly losing her made me sick to my stomach, that is going to be a HARD day when it comes!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Nancy,
I pray you get enough to be able to move - you have such a heart of gold to help the animal rescue and all the other things over the years...and still try and eek out a bit for yourself to move. I pray you succeed.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This is such a good cause! I'll check on your of luck! ♥

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Bless you Nancy. You are such a good and giving person. And bless your husband for giving up his saw.........just touching. I wish you much success with your cookbook sales and with your moving. Blessings,Kathleen

Angie Berry said...

This is a very touching post Nancy! How wonderful that you gave unselfishly of yourself over the years, I think that says a lot about your character. Best wishes~