Saturday, February 18, 2012


This is my very sweet American Eskimos.The one on the left is "Annie" She was 8 years old last month and she has epilepsy. We were treating her with phenobarbital from the vet and all I can say is it made her gain so much weight that she couldn't even get up on the couch. I now have her on special herbs from and yes she still has seizures but not as many and the herbs will not shorten her life like the meds from the Vet did. Bianca is on the right and she was 8 last Sept and all I can say is ...She Loves to bark at everything and anything and she enjoys chasing the cat. We did go and buy this bigger couch so there would be room for all the dogs to take their naps.
I love a lot of different pets but mostly bond with Dogs (and my 2 Feral kitties) I don't know what it would be like without my sometimes naughty Dogs. This is Maggie Mae and I guess you can tell that she thinks she is the head of the house (and I do wonder sometimes) this is her on the 2 seater Love seat couch and she got to big for it (or should I say she hogged it every chance she got) Maggie was diagnosed with Heart Worm when she was 10 months old and some of you may remember reading about it in one of my posts. It was soooo sad watching her go through the treatments but so far she is heart worm clear.This is Maggies sister "Calli Fae" and as you can see by her color their Father was a German Shepard and their Mother was a full blooded Lab. They are my rescue Dogs and will be 3 on April 21st , and yes we do have a doggie Birthday party but no more Balloons since they scare Annie and could cause her to have a seizure.

Now if you have been reading my posts for a while I am sure you all know I would rescue every Dog I saw with that sad look in their eyes waiting to go to their forever home if possible. I got this picture off a web site that rescues animals waiting for someone to adopt them and give them a forever home. Just look at that sad faceThis is the original idea that made me start publishing my cook book in 1992 so I could donate to NO Kill pet shelters. I even went so far as putting jars in stores when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and sent money from the jars and from sales of my cook book back then to a pet rescue in Miss that was taking all the dogs and cats into their rescue site until they could reunite them with their owners. My eyes and ears were glued to the T V almost 10 hours a day watching Anderson 360. He did a great job making sure as many pets as possible were saved. I have to get up and leave the room when the ASPCA has their commercial
I am now doing the same thing again with my Famous Celebrities cook book and it has increased in size since 1992. I have chosen to help one extremely sweet Lady with what she does. If you want to check her out I have a link to her on my left sidebar or you can click on this link
I will also be helping others along the way as I see the need. It just makes me happy to be able to help the animals that have no voice to ask for help. They are depending on us for help.
Here are my plans. As of right now today I have some really good recipes from some really good celebrities. 59 so far and a lot of them sent more than 1 autographed photo and some even sent a nice letter of encouragement. All will be included in the cook book. When I started writing to celebrities I did not have a computer so I wrote them on a typewriter and postage was 29cents. I wrote over 500 letters and I did get letters from some celebrities (no names mentioned) that actually sent a refusal letter.
Since them with much higher postage I have now mailed a little over 200 more letters. Since the first recipes I received some of the celeb have passed away..such as.Ed McMahon....Johnny Cash Nancy Regan...Red Skelton..Benny Hill...Mary Kay Ash...Roy Rogers and Dale Evans...Dave Thomas...Lady Bird Johnson..Bob Hope..Peter Falk and many more. I have recipes from politicians..singers...Actors and Actresses T V show hosts and more.
I will be putting an ad in newspaper..listing on my selling Blog and stores that are letting me put flyers up. The first 10 paid for orders will also receive a free gift and the first 40 cook books will sell for $24.99 plus shipping. After that they will be $32.00. Since I did have a lot of the first ones printed (but not put together) and after they are sold I will have to pay for printing all the recipes and photos and letters.
When I first started in 92 I paid $429.00 for a 900 number (boy was that dumb) and Robin Leach recorded my message on a cassette tape which I still have. I loved the way his voice sounded and I loved his show about the Life Styles of The Rich and Famous.
It was a bit easier to get recipes back then as a lot of the celebrities had a regular address or a P O Box..NOW..90% of them have an agent and you very seldom hear back from an agent.
If you have any questions or would like to put an order in for a copy please go to my selling blog and there is a link you can email me on the right side bar Thank you for reading my post and as always I look forward to comments. And don't forget to sign up for my give away for the Coffee. It will end on the 24th


Country Gal said...

Nothing like having dogs and cats ! Our kitty Harley 4 years and our dog Miggy 2 years old . They are amazing I was raised on a hobby farm and just love all kinds of animals . Miggy is my best photography subject Harley well she has her moments lol . I think its great what you are doing for these wonderful animals ! Have a great day !

Loretta said...

What a wonderful way to help these babies. I too have a way of donating on my blog too. I know you will do well. Thanks for your love and care. Hugs

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Good Luck with the sales of your Cook Book..