Friday, December 9, 2011

A New Year coming and a new Blogger is here

We have a new Blogger and she would like to invite everyone to visit her blog and follow her if they like it. She is a very talented lady and I hope you go and visit her blog to check out the wonderful little things she makes ..go check her out and tell her Nancy sent you
Also...don't forget to check out my selling blog as I am going to start pulling things out and list on ebay .
Remember when I posted about my dog hurting her leg and we had to rush her to the vet..well they took xrays (which they never showed to me) and said her leg was just out of place and they massaged it and said she would be O K. Well...Billy was noticing her walking a little funny and started examining her leg and we can feel a know on it which we think means it might have been broken and they ignored it. What in the world is becomming of Vets and also some of the Doctors and dentists we go to. Are their still any out there that really care and not think of it as JUST A JOB they do for an income? O K..Guess I will get off the soap box for now and maybe go and watch T V for a bit before going to bed.
I am looking forward to a New Year and lots of changes


Carmen C. said...

Nancy, working at an animal hospital for many yrs. I never heard of a leg being massaged for being out of place:/ I would think they would have splinted it? It is getting bad, hard to find a human Dr. who cares about more than the paycheck, such sad times we live in! Hope she feels better soon, nothing worse than seeing our furry ones in pain:(

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nancy for all the help with my blog. I am truly forever grateful. Hugs from Texas!