Friday, December 9, 2011


This is the Prim Candle board Billy made for me

I got booted just as I was about to post this post so some of my pictures were removed but I am putting them back on the top of this post so you can see what I was talking about
How many of you know an Earth Angel? I know quite a few and I had 1 that came to my rescue tonight and fixed my blog..Isn't it awesome now...I bet a lot of you know her and will agree that is what she is..Her name is Linda Parker from Parkers Paradise..She was on the phone with me for 1 1/2 hours working on my blog...There is no way I can thank her enough but of course I will try :)
The other Earth Angel is my Husband "Billy" He was outside for 2 days putting lights up for when our Nellie comes home for Christmas. It started out that it would be just the one bush and by the side door. The next thing I knew he was back in the house digging through the bin of lights and he put lights all around the yard on the fence...didn't like the way it looked and changed it all not once...but twice. Today we went to ship a couple packages and of course I had to buy some more lights so he could go across the front of the house by the windows and around the bird feeder. I will post more pictures when he gets finished (picture is now at the top of this post
He knew I wanted to make some boards to put candles on and insted of buying new boards and knowing how much I prefer the older (prim) stuff he went out in the woods and found a board from a building that fell down. He cut this board for me and sanded it and put the sq head nails in it to hold my Prim Candles...He did a great job (guess he wanted to shut me up)....then I stained it with Old English and glued my Prim Candle graphic on it..He made 3 of them and I will keep one and sell the other 2 and he said $10.00 would be enough. The candles are sold seperate for $3.00 for the pair This picture is also at the top of this post
He agreed to put this Santa Wig and Beard on for me to take a picture and list on ebay. I already have a bid and the auction will end Sunday. They will be sold but he is a keeper :)
Then of course there is 1 more Earth Angel I think about a lot. He is the Vet we had in AL and we drove 60 miles one way to take our Dogs to him. This is Maggie and Calli on their way in to see him and get their 1 yr check up.
Since it was their 1 yr old Birthday I asked him if I could take his picture with Maggie and Calli..It was Maggies turn but Calli always stays real close to her sister
Calli loves to be hugged and enjoyed her turn to get a hug from Dr Jones..If it wasn't 600 miles I would definately be going back there every month for whatever my 4 fur babies needed. He even gave them an expensive bag of treats for their BD and they really enjoyed that. They loved going to see Dr Jones and I am sure Dogs can tell when someone likes them and they aren't just another patient with a name. He always teased me when we went there and said "Maggie Mae" how are you today. He got a kick out of her having a middle name :)

This is the fence we put up for the pups when they first came to live with us and even as little as she was Maggie was always trying to get out and take off running
Of course Maggie thinks she is a guest every time I leave the Guest room door open and she likes to take her nap on that bed :)

Calli prefers to sleep in Mom and Dads bed..she doesn't understand that she is a huge pup and a bed hogIf Mom stays up all night Calli stays up all night and if it is cold she loves to be covered with Mom's robe
But then when I go to bed of course I have to move 2 White dogs off of my side of the bed :) It is wonderful to know so many Earth Angels and I feel honored to be a friend of Lindas..Thank you sooo much Linda for all your help..


My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Morning Nancy..Love the vet Pictures how adorable... I can see why you took them back to see there regular Dr.You can tell he loves his patients..Look at the bright side of the long gets you two away from the daily hum drum and out for a nice ride...Hopefully you get a chance to visit friends while you're there!!
Sounds like Santa is excited about Nellie coming home and wanted to really spruce up the place..

So glad that Linda was able to help you with the Blog..She's really good with the blog problems.

That was sweet that Billy mae the candle boards for you...tickled to hear you have a bid on the extra boards..

Have a Great Weekend!!

Christmas Hugs and Blessings

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Happy to help......
Love the dog pics!

Loretta said...

Hi Nancy, thank you much for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments, they meant so much!
Welcome, welcome to our home...we will have a lot to share and talk about! Stop by and enter our giveaway!

May you have the Best of Wishes,