Sunday, October 23, 2011


I can understand how much they would like to go out and play and I feel sorry for them when they are just looking out the window. I am sure they are thinking how much fun it would be to be out there ...BUT...if they would just stay inside the fence and run around and play it would be O K..I don't expect them to chase everything that is out in the yard or the fields or in the woods. 2 nights ago Maggie jumped the fence and after about an hour Billy found her where the corn was before they cut it down...She had a big old Possum cornered and was running around in circles around it. She is lucky it didn't come after her.....Then last night we got home about 5 and Billy took them out and went out with them since they have always stayed in the yard if someone is out there. Well last night they jumped the fence and they didn't come back until 10:30 P M. And of course I am thinking they are dead..called them..Billy drove up and down the road and had the car so headlights were facing out in the woods. Billy looked out the window at 10:30 and there they were. He let them in and I was laying on the bed and Calli came in and jumped up by me and was happy to see me. Like I was the one that was gone for 4 1/2 hours. I told her to go somewhere else cause I was mad at her...and she did. I have a bed made on the floor in our room for both of them (and Bianca and Annie sleep up on the bed)...they both went in the T V room and slept on the couch and recliner. I think they knew I was angry with them. Calli has a cut on her 1 paw so now I will have to call the vet even sooner. Will give all 4 of them a bath tomorrow and make apt to go to Vet this week...and now..for the craft sale results.... This couple's table was close to me ... they make rugs on a loom. They are the most awesome ones I have seen in about 23 years. They also make place mats and she said a lot of people like to use them if they have a van to put on the hump between the seats. They charge $6.00 a ft and if anyone is interested in seeing more of their rugs let me know...I got their card. I bought a really cute small pink one for a gift.

Most of them are made from the lighter blue denim but they did have some other ones that were really nice. One thing I liked about them is "They are hand made in the U S A by Seniors" and they will wear like iron.
This is a close up of one of their denim ones

I did sell one of my biggeer quilts that was Americana prints and this is the new happy owner. Her Mother bought it for her and she said her whole house is decorated in Americana prints. She was in charge of the bake sale and they had a lot of really yummy looking baked items.
I had a HUGE space since I rented a double and had it like a big "U" shape and some things up in front right in the middle
This is the rack I had with my quilts and tote bags and the table full of pillows was kind of behind it
Then to the right of the table of pillows I had another table and had a lot of the tucks and framed stitchings that Linda did for me. I don't know what I would have done without her..The stitched things she did for me sold pretty good (and now of course I will be needing more LOL).

I had an old door off of a video cabinet that I got at a resale shop...Billy painted it black and I made it look prim. I was going to try and sell it but forgot to mark it and used it to display some of the tucks I got from Linda....I have now decided to keep it since it worked so good for displaying them
I had one table with all the Christmas things and did not sell a single one...Maybe next time and there is another sale on Nov 12th I am going to call about is just 4 hours show too. I will let you all know if I get in but I will not take as much stuff to the next time
This is where my 3 tables ended going along the wall and then had one coming out towards the front. It took a little over 2 hours to set it up and 1 hour to pack it all back up
This is 2 card tables I had up in front but you could walk around them to see the ones in the back. I made 12 jars of Apple Butter and sold 1...bummer
There is another show on the 12th..I might just get brave and try again.
I will be having another one of my big mark down sales to help with vet bill just like I did when Maggie had Heart Worm. I have decided that it costs as much to raise dog's as it does to raise kids...At least you know that when you punish your kids it usually works and kids can talk. How do you diciplin dogs when they just Love attention no matter how they get it. I will also be having another give away soon to thank my blogger friends for reading my blog and especially the ones that leave comments.



Sorry to hear that your sales weren't great. I would have loved to shop. Good luck with the next one, maybe you will sell out. I have a 3 day one that weekend too.

Carmen C. said...

Your displays look wonderful! I know all about the vet bills, oh my, between my Kiah and the bunnies it is ALOT of $$$$$! Hope you have a great day and good luck at the next show;)

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Wow Nancy... You and Billy had your work cut out for you...That was a lot of goodies..As for sellin only 1 Apple Butter who cares now you can have Hot toast with Apple Butter.. man taht sounds Yummy...Wish I had a slice for Breakfast..
So over all did you do well enough to make all the work worth it? I hope you did well.. Glad you sld one of your Quilts.
If you do the November show you ought to take a few more of your wood shelves/openfaced cupboards you have for Gatherings and use them to display your smaller things like you did your tucks.. Make it easier for people to see them at a glance. the tucks looked real nice on the door.

LOL..darned dogs anyway..sorta like the night Mama Kitty got loose and scared me to death tring to find her..
They just wanna have some fun at out worried expense..

Have a great week!!


nancy huggins said...

Actually only cleared about $40.00 after expenses and that isn't including the expense for making the items that sold...The one on the 12th is in a Church and only lasts 4 hours and not real sure if I want to put any more money out or not.

Denise said...

I will send you some links for the fermented veggies.......... They are EASY......... Here is to good health..

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Those girls are just needing to stretch their legs more. We have one female that pushes her nose thru the fence until she gets the hole big enough for her head. If she gets her head out, she's gone and she runs until she is exhausted. She will come right to us when she's tired. It's a game to her. The other stand inside the fence and bark at her. They must be cheering her on because she just runs around the house over and over! I give up trying to figure out what they are thinking!
BTW~Every sale and every day are different. Remember you told me--you gotta do what people like not what you like!