Monday, October 17, 2011


It has been a very busy week and I just have a few more things to make if I an come up with some more energy. I love the scented hot pads and I Love making them and I found this fabric with Gingerbread Men and real recipes. I had to cut them in different sizes so each one would have a recipe..they are in the bin and ready to go I also went outside one day when the weather was nice and decided to make my graters look rusty. I spray them with black paint and then pour cinnamon on the wet paint. I like the way they look and will try and display them upside down and hang a prim towel on the handle and maybe put some pip berries in the part facing up...not sure how to decorate the flat one or the sifters...anyone have any ideas?

I also enjoy making table runners so made a few with Christmas print. This one just has a basic print with Holly leaves and hanging Ornaments and measures about 15 X 30" it is 3 layers and has a nice Christmas print on the bottom side too
I cut bigger squares for this one and it has some cute Reindeer prints and measures about 23 x 40 and also has a cute print on the bottom
I think this one is my favorite..has Cute Bears wearing a Christmas Hat and some Rocking Horses and some Mittens that say Warm Hands..Warm Heart. Also has a cute print on the back and measures about 37 x 19. I take special orders from time to time and make the runners to fit a special table.
I primmed some fabric and Linda came through to help me again with some of her stitched labels and I made 11 prim looking Dish Towel's...Maybe I will display a few on the rusty looking graters :) One of them even have a printed picture of Abe Lincoln I printed on fabric on it with one of Lindas labels under it
Then I sat and sewed a bunch more pillows and I always line my pillows on the inside with thin quilt batting. I bought some really neat fabric with the Decloration of Independence and the signatures and couldn't decide what to do with it also became a pillow. I have a burgandy homespun fabric on the back. My DH was born and raised in AL so of course I had some prints of Robert E Lee on fabric so I made a pillow with it also and it has one of Lindas labels under it that says God Bless America...maybe there will be someone from the South come to the sale that will just Love it ...Since I live in Tractor country I decided to make a few John Deer pillows and even made some little blue flannel ones for a baby that lives on a farm. I have made tons of different John Deer items for my #7 son who has always loved John Deer tractors. He just bought a huge 4 B R double wide and 1 room is all John Deer. He now lives in AL so it fits his style there too.

I found a little bag with a shiny penny in a shop not long ago and Loved the verse so I even made up about 20 of them to sell and will be selling them for 25cents @ so they will make nice little gifts for a pkg tie on also
It did take me a while to get 12 pints of my Apple Butter made up and I have added some really cute labels that I bought the graphic for and printed myself. Billy helped me by holding the fabric I added to the top while I tied it on with twine. I love the way they look and hope I sell them all. I have an extra jar and I think I will bring it with and maybe some little Oyster crackers and a spoon to put a taste of the Apple Butter on the crackers so people can try some before they buy a jar.
I will take some pictures of all of my goodies on Friday night when I go to set up and then you will be able to see the tons of items that I never got to take pictures of. Here is crossing my fingers for a good turn out and the one thing that I like about this sale is it starts at 10 A M and goes until 3. They have to buy it when they see it or forget coming back to look again later or the next day. I will try and post again on Sunday and let everyone know how it went...good or bad :)


Dani said...

Everything looks really great Nancy..wishing you good luck, great weather and sell everything.....

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Wow...Ms Nancy you have been a busy little lady ...Looks like you are ready to go..with plenty of Goods!!
Jope it goes well and you come home with a purse full of loot and empty totes..

Have a great week finishing up all your treasures..


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Wow, Nancy! You've been a busy lady, haven't you??? I love everything you have made here, But especially the "rusty" graters. What a neat idea that is! I forgot all about the black pain, cinnamon idea. The only thing I can think of to put in the graters would be dried apple slices and cranberries -- or something like that. I know I'd be the one to buy up the apple butter!!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have been busy and have so many beautiful things made! WOW! I love the great for wrapping up when it's cold outside! Love the little tea towels, too! Everything looks wonderful! ♥

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, my good gravy! You have been such a busy bee. I am so pleased to see so many gorgeous things. I just know this will be a great show. Best wishes, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Goodness've really been busy. I agree with Dani, I with you a great sale, great weather, and empty totes to bring home.

Jane said...

Gosh you are busy! Good luck! We are doing a craft show next month. It's more for my daughter than me.

The wine totes are great for gifts. I often give it with a gift of wine as a gift. Sometimes, just the bag.

annie said...

Hope all goes well, I like the things you've made. Linda is a Peach, luv her, just like everyone else. Glad she could help you!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

The wonderful things you create are the kinds of things my friends and I love to look at when we go to art festivals! Just wonderful! Hope you sell every thing! blessings,Kathleen