Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have been very busy lately (when pain pills work for my back) making a ton of things for the craft show on Oct 22nd. This is one of the wisk brooms I made this cover for (I did have a lot of help from my sweet friend Linda...she has been doing some stitched labels for me and we are swapping in exchange for her help. I don't know what I would do without her help to have these awesome stitcheries she is doing for me....This wisk broom is going on the shelf with some of my other prim items. I got this wisk broom at a thrift store and I think it is the coolest one I have ever seen This is 2 more wisk brooms that she made the covers for that I will be taking to the craft show

This is a bad picture of this quilt (I have to use my cell to take pictures until Santa see's my wish list for a new camera for Christmas..Some of the squares look grey but they are homespun and I have added pockets to some of the denim squares to hold school supplies or sewing supplies or what ever someone wants to use them for. Nice way to stay warm this winter while doing home work or sewingI don't know why this picture is so small but this is a lap quilt with horses and also has silhouettes of cowboys..Horse print is flannel and also has flannel on the back. Nice lap quilt for any horse loveClose up of quilt with horses
This is an Americana quilt that is all Americana prints and also has flannel on the back. I have it laid out across my queen size bed for this picture so I guess it would make a nice quilt for a full or twin size bed or maybe even to lay on the couch and watch T V
Close up of Americana quilt
This is one of my favorites and has Owl print mixed with Calico prints..It has flannel in the middle and is a nice size for your lap or on the couch
This is the Owl quilt hanging on clothes line..pictures are usually a little better when I can take them outside
This is an epattern and I just couldn't wait to get it made. I just loved this fabric and just barely had enough and had to have a seam in the front insted of cutting on a fold but I still just love the way it turned out and I even made a prim hanger from twig and rusty wire
This is a cute little child size broom I bought and DH drilled a hole in the handle for me to put my rusty wire through to hang it and I sent the fabric to Linda and she did the stitching for me...She does such a good job and I just love all of her stitched things

This is 16 ditty bags I finished up tonight and I have printed muslin with a variety of sayings and pictures...I hope they sell too
As some of you know I have a Dear Daughter (Nellie) that lives in Chicago and Loves it there. She is a writer and writes for newspspers and does write up's on comedians that perform in hicago. She is also a manager for Comedy clubs and organizes comedy shows in different places in Chicago and she does those 2 jobs in her spare time...She is also a full time Nanny and one of the best there is.

She just sent me the link below for a blog she just started and it did bring a smile to my face. Nellie is the youngest of 9 and she has 8 older brothers and if you click on the link below you can read all about being the only girl and the youngest of 9 :)

I will try and get some of my quilts listed in my selling blog tomorrow when it isn't 1 A M. I do have one listed now on ebay but if anyone is interested in buying it they can bid on ebay or I can remove it



You have lots of goodies for your craft show, you should do really well. I have a broom that Linda make for me, and I just love it. That one with the curved handle is great. Happy Stitching, Cyndy

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Your busy little fingers have done such wonderful work! My son will be in Chicago for Navy boot camp this coming January..........I so worry. We are in Texas......to be in Chicago in winter........well..sigh. It is good to hear of another's child enjoying it there! blessings,Kathleen

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I did not know you have 9 children! That is an awesome accomplishment! Your covers look great and your quilts are dynamite! They are so cute. They will sell! I'm still stitching! Send some off soon.....
Warmest autumn blessings,my friend! ★Linda★

papel1 said...

I visited Nellie's blog and loved it. She has a great talent in creative writing.

Amish Stories said...

I thought id stop by your blog and say hello. And i hope your enjoying the beautiful fall weather that has begun. Richard from Amish Stories.