Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Wed and glad Tuesday is over

Today was a good day and I got to go to Thrift store and pick up the Sewing Machine the Lady was holding for me...It is a nice old HEAVY one ..all metal..not plastic. I think I need to read the booklet that came with it to figure out what all it does. It is a Singer Futura II Model Q20 and says Two way Sewing surface. I got it for $20.00 and wanted it for back up but might like it enough to use often once I figure out what all it does. It had all these accessories and even had the dime they used for screwdriver :) I have never seen Bobbins like this one has but there is 14 bobbins with it so I think I will have enough. I will try reading the booklet as soon as I have time to take another break from making quilts

Today was also the day Billy decided he did look pretty disgusting with the long Hair and Beard and decided to shave and asked me to give him a haircut

He does kind of resemble Good old St Nick but the hair was wild looking especially when it was windy.

He does look better now and looks about 20 years younger. He is sitting in the recliner holding Annie while she is having an epilepsey seizure. He is the only one she wants to hold her when this happens.
Sorry I have been M I A but have been having a lot of back pain and probably overdoing it some with sewing and getting things made for craft show next month.

Yester was a bad day and I am glad it is over. My talking watch quit..The attachment that hooks on the shower I use to give the dogs a bath broke and had to do it the hard way for Maggie with dipping the cup in water. I thought maybe Billy could fix it but he can't so will have to give Bianca and Annie a bath the hard way also.

I got my new cell phone yesterday and had tons of trouble getting it to activate and still having problems setting it up..Then I tried to install the new air card for my computer and it wouldn't work...guy from tech support said he would call me back after his break to help me and that didn't happen either.

I finally called back and the lady I talked to "Nancy" helped me get it going in 10 minutes...could it be because she was a woman and had the same name...and what is really funny is she had the same middle name as me...that does not happen very often.

I have been busy sewing quilts and trying to put some gatherings together with all my finds since last Nov and will show pictures in my next post.

Hope you all have a great week and I will try and catch up on reading all your posts and leave comments where I can. It would make my day if I hear from all of you with comments :)


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Nancy, I always love a new sewing machine. It is a lot of fun trying out all the new doo-dads and stitches.
Can't wait to see what it does!
Warmest autumn blessings,

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Nancy,
Well I have to comment on the photo of hubby...I actually thought it was a retro print of Santa...for some reason the redish shirth and the background just said Christmas...It's really a great photo!
I hope Annie feels better...does she have any prolonged side effects AFTER a seizure?

What a great sewing machine...I think you got a great deal on it too - they were not 'throw aways' back then...they were made of good stuff and made to last.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a wonderful sewing machine! You'll have lots of fun with that! Wish you were close by to help me figure out where to start learning to quilt! ♥