Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have been trying to post for a week..the last time after I had all my pictures uploaded and started writing I got a message that said there has been an error bla bla bla and of course everything was gone...so here I am trying again. I have been very busy for the past few weeks and have been doing a lot of sewing for the Pioneer Festival in a town 7 miles from here (Cowden,IL). Since it igoes for 3 days and since I could never sit there with my bad back for that long I decided to set everything up in my garage and see how well I can do, This is one of the Pioneer Bonnets I just finished this week. I like making them but have a problem with putting the ties on. This is another one and on this one I decided to leave the back hang down farther and I like that look better but we never know what buyer might like.
I saw Pillows something like this in a magazine years ago and thought I might try something different and used some very old buttons..

I thought this one was kind of different too..I didn't have them stuffed when I took the pictures but they are all done now and out in the garage ready to sell this week end

This is my new sewing machine that is made to sew heavy duty and able to sew through 8 pieces of fabric so would be good to use when I make my raggy quilts...the only problem is it messed up on me tonight and I havn't even had it for 2 weeks. Kind of aggrivating when I have more items I wanted to get finished for the sale. I will try and figure out how to fix it tomorrow and if I can't then I will have to ship it back and see if they can fix it or replace it
We decided to re do the Rose Garden out in front...I never had mulched it and grass was coming up all over inside it...we moved everything out and laid plastic down and then finally got it mulched
Looks a little better now don't ya think. Next spring I will be adding 6 or 8 more Rose Bushes and it should look a lot better and a lot more colorful

I have 2 of these wagons on each side of the rose garden and just planted Mums in them..Have 2 yellow ones in the one wagon and 2 rust colored in the other one. They are small right now and got them from WM for 97 cents @...Hopefully they will get a lot bigger
I am finally able to do the happy dance..Fence is up for the pups and they are really enjoying it. They were running and chasing each other and tusseling and having a really good time. It isn't quite high enough so I have this idea to get some wire fencing that comes on a roll that is for flower beds..kind of scalloped across the top and my idea is to add it on to the top and wire together..will see how that works. Will have to go to farm store after this sale is over and see what I can find,
They did get wore out and had to take a break and rest a little but it sure is nice to be able to open the door and just let them out..no hookinh up on a chain or putting a leash on them. I just hope they don't figure out how to jump over before I get a chance to make it at least a foot higher
I took the train up North to go to my GD 18th Birthday Aug 5th and they had a really cool Goodwill thrift store there and my son and his wife took me there the day after the party (Sunday). I got to their house on Friday night and my youngest son picked me up Sunday evening and I went to his house for a steak on the grill. Then he took me to my sisters to spend the night on Sunday and she took me to the Metra train on Monday and I took it to Chicago where I then caught the Amtrack to come home...Boy was I ever tired when I got back to Mode...so quiet here compared to my active week end

I bought these stacking heart boxes and they are corrigated cardboard..I would like to paint them or do something with them. Does anyone know how I can paint them or decorate them somehow?

I also got this cute little school desk and some emb hoops and little wooden crate and will be thinking of something to do to them too (suggestions appreciated)
It was so funny because my GD that is almost 21 has a new boyfriend and his name is Andy..when we got to the Good will store I saw this Andy and would you believe it was only 99 cents...isn't it cute..I told her now we each have our own Andy :)

This is the pond my son has in his back yard that he built a few years ago and I enjoyed sitting there and watching the fish and frogs and there coy just had a bunch of baby fish

Even Oscar enjoyed looking at the fish

It was sooo hot the day of the party that a lot of people took cover at tables set up in the garage. I liked sitting out in the screen house though My daughter and her friend went for a week end vacation to some cabins south of us and they stopped by on the 14th on their way home and we made them a nice dinner. Was nice to get to see them even if it was only for a few hours. My youngest son will be coming down on the 9th for a few days and I sure am glad that we have the fence up since he has 3 dogs and will be fun for them to be able to run and play inside the fence too. He has a ladadoodle..a Scottie dog and a little tiny dog (not sure what she is)..what an assortment of sizes LOL

Then it will be time to work some more in the yard and add on to the fence and maybe even just sit on my swing and watch the sun set :)

Why is it that you have to keep editing a post and when your done it still seperates the pictures and paragraphs no matter how many times you come back on and edit it and fix it. I just edited it again and hope it stays this time



Don't you just love blogger. When i works, it works and when it doesn't--- Hope you get your sewing machine working, mine quit on me, right before a show, I went to Wal-mart and got one of the $99 ones so that I could keep on working. Those dogs sure look happy running around outside.

Dani said...

I know..had trouble with Blogger yesterday and Alan has too with his..seems to be working today..love your prairie hats...and so great for the dogs with the outdoor fenced area...
thanks for the package for Jayden by the way....

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I've done the boxes several ways.
I have spray painted them. Let them dry a long time before handling.
I turned them upside down on a small piece of cardboard and held it on one hand and sprayed with the other. Same with the lid. I also used acrylic paint--took longer but better selection of colors. I really love covering with fabric but very difficult-just use Elmer's glue. Spray adhesive is expensive and very sticky all over the place. I used some of my embroidered labels on the painted boxes. I'll email you some pics!
Big hugs,
Have you gotten your labels/ stitchings yet?