Friday, August 12, 2011


I was sitting in my chair on my computer when Billy brought the mail in and he had a big box in his hand and asked me what I ordered or bought and I said "I didn't buy anything" and then I went in T V room and opened the box..I saw the return address and the name sounded familiar and what a surprize I got.
This awesome plate with the Flag was in it with a plate stand and as you can see I already have it on my Tea Cart in my Dining room. I just took some things off the cart yesterday and was trying to decide what to put on ther. What is really funny is I have some Abe Lincoln thigs I made and was going to put them together like a gathering to sell but have now decided to keep them and put them with my plate. I am also going to make a pillow with a Flag painted on it to put with the other stuff..perfect decor since I live so close to Springfield huh? The plate was wrapped in some fabric and I did have a big smile while going through the box....The piece on the right says "All Things Grow With Love" and I just Love it...The piece on the left is a really cool print with wavy lines and little lines...It will go with my other fabric colors that I have stashed..The piece on the bottom has little Red Barns and Cows and Roosters and other Farm prints and will look cool for a cover for a little drop leaf table I just bought for my kitchen for Table Cloth (My Kitchen is Roosters and other farm prints..That piece definately had my name all over it

The piece on the top left is a nice big piece and another one of my favorite colors (I like earthy tones and not crazy about pastels in my own did you know my colors so well Linda)..I am not sure what I will make with that but have been thinking about making some raggy runners and some hot pads for fall so that will look good on them. The piece on the right has a small black print of leaves and is another color that will go with my other fabric I have in my stash..and then there was a printed note in there with a picture that says Primitive Blessings and the little note said

Hello my friend

Hope this finds you well and happy as life allows

I have put together this small package for you

If it makes you smile, I have accomplished my mission,May peace and love be with you every moment


Well..This box came with perfect timing since I have been in a slump for a while and very depressed for the last few days and was not happy about anything and not even able to sleep much..This box sent from someone I don't know very well did bring a big smile to my face and lifted my spirits which is a good thing since my DD and her friend are stopping by on their way home from a week end get away on Sunday and I am trying to fix a nice big dinner for them

Nellies friend likes the colors that are in a sunset so I painted this fabric and framed it for her. She is Russian and I asked her to please send me a Russian quote to put on something I was making and this is what she sent

красивая девочка <-- it's pronounced "kraseevaya dyevotchkah" and it means "beautiful girl".

This is how I wrote it on the painted fabric..I used a sharpie..How do you think it looks for someone that is mostly Irish ?

This is something that I have never seen before hanging in one of our pine trees..It is kind of mesh looking and is full of leaves. Billy said Bugs made it (must have been a lot of work) and it a nest they make for their babies to hatch...I wonder what kind of bugs it is and if they are good bugs or bad bugs.

I got home from my train trip this past Monday and that is another long story..I am not real fond of riding that train again and is always late and I do not like being Down town Chicago by myself and time of day or night.

I did get to go shopping with my son and DIL on Sunday to one of my favorite places to shop "Goodwill" I tole Billy it might be a good thing that we don't live real close to that one..I would be there all the time..but maybe if I was I could buy more stuff to make my gatherings that I want to start selling :)

I will blog all about my Chicago trip in my next post..Just had to show you all my wonderful box I got in the mail from a very sweet person

Thank you Linda from the bottom of my heart :)


Lynn said...

Linda is such a blessing. I told her she is such a blessing to so many of us. Enjoy your goodies and have a great weekend.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I'm so glad you like the fabric. It is kind of a wide variety but I loved it all. Sorry to hear you had the blues but maybe you DD will perk you up.Mine always does. ★Linda★

lilraggedyangie said...

I am glad sweet Linda surprised you with one of her sweet packages , we call her Linda Claus she's like santa but BETTER she shares the love and joy year round! I LOVE YOU NEW PAINTING! Hope you have a great weekend! hugs lil raggedy angie

Cora said...

Somebody really knew what you liked, didn't they, Nancy????!!!! Just beautiful! I love that plate, and the fabric is so perfect. But it was the note that just lit the whole thing up.
Loved the painting you did. How did you get the tree on there????

We get those "bug bags" in our trees, too. Especially on the cherry laurel trees. I don't see that they do much damage, but I don't want one falling on me, for sure. There seems to be buggy worms in them.

Hope you have a great weekend! What are you going to make with the fabric?????

nancy huggins said...

What made it extra special is I didn't have any idea I was getting a prize in the mail and the note just set it off...If I was the crying type (which I never have been) it would have brought tears to my eyes. I have the fabric with the barns and cows on the little table in my kitchen. Billy brought our little dorm size fridge in from the garage (the one we had to use for a month while we looked for a new one) and put it on the table and the fabric / table cloth makes it look not so generic. I am going to take the bigger piece and use some of the other fabric I have and make a few raggy table runners (one for me of course) and I think I will use the other fabrics and some of the fabric I have and make some raggy totes or maybe some more table runners..not sure yet...any suggestions?
It did make my day a little better and I am now in the process of baking and cutting food and cooking chicken for the salad for Sunday. She did make my day and she is Linda Claus for sure :)

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

How wonderful that Linda Claus is...nice that your day was brightened...

ByLightOfMoon said...

Your sweet fabric surprise package is very nice. You are so talented at sewing whatever you like it to be.

Enjoy it!
Smiles, Cyndi

nancy huggins said...

I got the tree on there with a tree cut from the stuff that you make a stencil with..I lay stuff on my paintings and lay it out in full sun..It isn't paint I use but is the pigment they make paint kind of pricey so am careful how I use it :)

Lynn S. said...

I'm glad that someone made you happy, Nancy. Love the giftie for Nellie's friend, too.

Fran said...

A wonderful box of goodies Nancy. Your tree painting is really nice.

Those are bag worms and eventually they spread where the whole tree gets them and then they eat all the leaves off and finally kill a tree. Looks like you only have one bag now.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's always so much fun to get a box from a friend! You have some wonderful treasures to enjoy! I love the autumn colors, too! ♥

Eggs In My Pocket said...

How sweet! Hope you feel much better and lighter in spirit these days! Have a fun and safe trip! blessings,Kathleen