Monday, July 18, 2011


I don't know if it is just me but blog land is really getting stressful..Is anyone else having problems like me. Most of the blogs on my list that I read a lot used to be easy to leave a comment and enter in the give aways.
Noweven when I put the crazy letters in it still sends me to another page to fill in all my google info This is what pops up almost every time

Even when it shows my name and that I have a google acct it still says I have to fill in the information after submitting comment. I always leave a comment in every blog I read even if it is a short comment..can't do that anymore..when it makes me fill in all my google info it then kicks me off and wants me to log back in. This is a big hassell and time consuming with air card for IP. So if you no longer see comments from me that is why. Makes me wonder if it is even worth it to spend 30 minutes or more to leave comments in just a few blogs.

Blogging is my out let to visit my blogging friends.

Is blogger doing this to everyones blogs or is everyone changing it. I do have mine set where I have to approve them but it is because I get to much spam and Cora even found a virus in my comments and told me about it.

I thought blogging was supposed to be fun and not so many hurdles to jump over

Now on to the rest of my post..not all doom and gloom :) When I was in Chicago visiting Nellie I saw this sign and it really got my curiosity up..does it mean that only seniors can cross here or is it just a safe place for us to cross...what do you think it means?
I had some donuts on one plate and some steakk already cooked on another plate and decided to put them in the oven to keep my sweet little Maggie from eating them..this is what happens when you forget to check the oven before turning it on.
Had to take hot pads and remove the racks to the kitchen sink. I was lucky that when it cooled off it just peeled right off. A lesson time i will put things like this in the fridge or microwave :)
The bigger town of Shelbyville,IL has hand painted murals all over town and I just love looking at them..this one was on the wall near parking lot at Dr's office
This one really amazed me since you would swear it is actually rhe paper boy..even have the shadow there. One of these days when it isn't in the 90's we are going to take a ride and take a lot of pictures of all the interesting sights in town. I will be sharing them with all my blogger friends.
I have been painting some of my own fabric as some of you may know and I made this pin keep with some of my own designed fabric. I have 3 more of these started and hope to finish them soon. I think the hardest part is adding all the embellishments. I am going to try and put a belt on her with some gold ribbon and maybe a fancy button. I might list them on ebay when they are finished

Anyone that knows me of course knows that Nellie is my Daughter. Well...she is kind of outspoken and has an attitude some times (I don't know where she got that from) but I hand painted this fabric with leaves all over it and then wrote "Leave Me Alone" on it and I think it fits her to a "T"
I met a girl on FB and we became friends because her maiden name was the same as my married name..she ordered some framed signs from me and when we started talking about our fur babies she asked me to make something with a pic of their dog..this turned out kind of cute I think ...It says "Yukon" Daddys Boy (that is what he is :)

I made and framed this pic with her married name on it

... she is also a train lover (like I am) and I made her this sign that says "Huggins Haven" My friend Gayle had a lot of input on this and she found the picture and put the writing on both signs for me and also the writing under Yukons picture. I did print them and did some embellishing. It was nice to know that she gave them to her husband for anniversary gift and I got a personal phone call from him telling me how much he liked everything (especially his 4 legged best friend) and it was a nice feeling to know that someone appreciates your hard work.
If anyone would be interested in having something special made for themself or a friend or loved one please let me know and I will work hard (and Gayle too) to come up with something you will love too. Really hard to see what this really looks like..not a good picture and am using my cell to take pictures until I find someone to fix my camera software on computer
We had a garage sale this past week end and it really wore Billy and I both out..we live very rural but it wasn't to bad..sold a little over 100.00 (and of course some is already spent for milk and bread etc).

I still have some big items left so will run it 1 more time this Sat and reduce some prices and keep our fingers crossed.

Trying to come up with enough $ to put up a fence for my fur more chaining them out. I will be having some good sales in my blog and on ebay to come up with the rest of the money to start buying supplies.

Have been working on some OOAK prim items for the past 2 days
I don't know about anyone else but our garden is shot. Billys tiller quit so he has been mowing between the rows and then gets down on his knees in this heat and trys to weed around the bottom of every plant...first it was too much rain and now heat factor over 100 degrees every day and will stay that way for a while
You can see where he has the string up for the peas to climb up and they were doing real good but now the bottom of the plants are turning brown..Burnt up from the heat
We just might get some cucumbers if the heat doesn't cook them too.

Have invested over 100.00 in garden and have 1 tomato and 5 cherry tomatoes so far

We may try a few more tomatoe plants next year but no more big garden..Too much work and money to do it again. Will be looking for a nice size farmers market soon.



Don't give up, I think alot of people were having problems. I had them sporadically, what you are experiencing, someone said that if you don't have the box checked that says keep you signed in, that will help. Hope to keep reading you!

Carmen C. said...

Hi Nancy, of course I love Yukon and that pillow;) I think the sign means to watch for seniors as alot of them cross there?? I haven't had any problems leaving comments at all but know quite a few who have. Some have found that if you un-check your "keep me signed in" box it then allows them to comment, hope it works for you:)

Dani said...

I haven't had too many problems but blogger can be a little uncooperative at your things..yes, Carmen is right, the sign means alot of seniors cross there..we have the same signs here in the retirement section of Sun City...and the speed limit is only 25 in those areas...
our garden doesn't look good now either...our water bill was so high, we had to cut back and the garden has suffered....still are getting tomatoes though...

basketsbyrose said...

You are not the only one having problems with blog land. My own blog will not let me post!!! We also had to much rain, and now heat and no rain. Thank God for Farm Markets or the farmer selling from the side of the road! Keep you head up and moving forward!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nancy, the whole comment thing has driven me crazy, too. Same problems as you. I have found that if there is the option the the "Name/URL" way to do it instead of the "Google" or the others, it works most of the time. When you click that on, you type in your name, then the address to your blog. It seems to go every time that way. Otherwise, I just either lose the comment I typed, or that same page you get keeps coming up.

I got about as many tomatoes as you did!!!!!

ShirleyC said...

Yes, I've had the same problem, but not on every blog I try and comment on.
Like someone said above, you have to uncheck the keep me signed in box for it go to through, but then of course, the next time you come to blogger, you have to sign in. It's so aggravating.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I've had numerous problems--commenting, posting, adding pictures, moving pictures. Things seem to have settled a bit.
Please don't give up. Keep trying but don't let it stress you out!
If there's anything I can do to help, just give me a holler!