Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have been a busy little bee (when my back is O K) and making as much as I can for up coming Craft Show. There is a small town not far from here (population about 150) and they are having what is called "Pioneer Days" They will have a Carnival...Flea Market..Food..Arts and Crafts ..Bingo and more It will be held on Aug 26...27..and 28th. If anyone would like to check out what a small town can do for entertainment..just check out Pioneer Days, Cowden,IL....I will be going to check it out on Friday since I would really like to go and then on Sat and Sunday I will have a Craft Sale in my Garage. About 75% of people attending in Cowden will be going right past our house and it doesn't make much sense to me to make 3 or 4 trips hauling all my crafts up there and then having to sit there for 2 days in whatever kind of weather we have on that week end I never know when my back pain will kick in ..but if I have it here I can start setting it up a week ahead of time and if it isn't busy I can always come in the house. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I have a good turn out. This is some of the candle mats I made from a very very old quilt that is mostly silk and satin and velvet pieces. I just like the looks of them (and my pictures never do justice to anything) These are a few more and all of them have muslin that has been primmed on the back

This is 2 pillows that I just finished and 1 has jungle prints and the other one is the verse "Footsteps in The Sand" The smaller one is made from a quilt block that a friend sent to me and I like the way it turned out too
These are some more of the quilt blocks my friend sent...I have added a few embellishments and I like the way they turned out too
Our 33rd anniversary was the 21st and I bought Billy the wind chimes that are hanging on the left. He loves Bamboo wind chimes and I was lucky to find these and of all places..I got them at the dollar general and they were only $5.00 :)
Billy got up early on the morning of our anniv and went to town and got me this box of Chocolates and what was interesting is Whitmans make everything in the U S..even the box..
He also bought me this 8 qt pressure cooker. He thought it was like a pressure cooker that would hold 8 qt jars...then I told him it was to cook 8 qts of food in and i would not use it so we decided to take it back
I was going through my album of my pups (Maggie and Calli ) and this was taken 2 years ago on the day we got them...It is so funny to see Maggie trying to put her head through a space in the fence...she was a stinker right from the start
and she is still a stinker and trying to take a toy away from Calli. It has been a very interesting 2 years but I still Love them as much as I did the day they came to their forever home.
They do love to lay on the couch and get up on it to look out the window..kind of crowded I would say
Well we took the cooker back and then we went to a garage sale Friday because the ad said Furniture and low and behold they had a regular size couch and it was the right style and colors...Lots more room now and 3 of them can get up on couch without being crowded..and I can finally lay on the couch without pulling my legs up to watch T V Yippee
I met a new friend on Facebook because we both have the same last name but Huggins was her maiden name...This is one of the things that she ordered from me for her Husband for their anniv..his Dog "Yukon" is the light of his life. I printed Yukons picture on fabric and made a pillow and says "Yukon" Daddys Boy
She was checking out my blogs and saw my Huggins Haven sign and she just loved it. This picture was made with her married name and says "Barretts Haven" even though you can't see it in the picture. Like I said..I can not get good pictures with the lighting anywhere in this house plus I have to take all my pictures with my cell phone. This was printed on a pale peach card stock and I added some lace to embellish it
She is a Train Lover (just like me) and this one has the coolest train (again not a good picture) and it says "Huggins Haven" My friend Gayle did the writing on the pictures with her software and then emailed them to me and I printed them and put them in Frames. She Loved them and I even got a phone call from her Husband telling me how much he liked everything. I still have 1 more order to finish for her that will be a huge pillow with Lionel Train and I will be quilting around the train engines. I will post a picture when I have it finished.

I am having sewing machine problems now and my wxpensive Viking machine just QUIT while I was sewing a seam and there was no reason for it to do that. This machine has been a big pain since the day I got it and I took it back many times. It never did any good and the last time I took it back she told me maybe I was holding the fabric wrong...Excuse me..There is no such thing as holding fabric wrong that will make a machine have any mechanical problems. I guess I will just have to contact rge C E O of Viking.

Then my cheap little Janome machine had the needle break and I could not get a new one to go in. I finally had Billy try and he was able to get it in but now the light doesn't work.

This is not a good time to have machine problems when I am trying to get a lot of things made for Craft sale :(
One day about 2 weeks ago we took a ride and went by the Shelbyville Damm and there was a few guys fishing out in a boat. Just a little to hot for me to think about sitting in a boat and not able to get out of the sun.
And last but not least..Could someone please explain to me how to sign out of google so iy will be easier to leave comments in other blogs. When I come on here and want to compose a new post I always have to click on "Sign In" I don't have to actually sign in but it takes me to the page so I can compose a new post.

Hope I haven't bored any of you...I will try and make my next post a little more interesting :)

Here is the water coming over the Damm and it was kind of a pretty sight. There is almost always at least 10 or more cars down there with guys trying there luck at catching something
I don't understand how a paragraph can jump from one place to another but it just did and I can never fix anything on blogger without messing up the whole thing.


annie said...

Wow! That's some post! I like your crazy patch crafts, hope you sell them all. Hope you get the machines going too, it's terrible trying to create when the machines won't cooperate! We had our 33rd in June. I wish I could help you on the blog, but I have to sign in every single time I do anything or it won't work for me at all. Maybe someone else can help, there have been so many with posting problems the last few months. You take care now!

Fran said...

Same here. I try to follow a blog and it takes me to sign in and I am already signed in but I can't do anything on the other blog. Hope this works.

Dani said...

Hope your sales do well...I am starting a new Etsy shop...haven't listed anything yet...haven't had any blogger problems so far....and love your photos of the dam and countryside.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nancy, when I click on your blog, I have a choice of "Google Account" and "OpenID". For some reason, I'm NEVER signed in when I come to the blogs, so it always asks me to sign in. The "OpenID doesn't work for me, because Idon't have any of those things. So I take the chance on the Google. Somewhere, there is a way make it so that your blog takes other choices, like Anonymous, ID/URL, etc. The one with the ID/URL works all the time for me. I'll see if this goes through with the Google thing.

Carmen C. said...

I'm not sure exactly where the "sign out" is but somewhere on the settings I believe. I know alot of folks have had problems leaving comments while in the signed in mode, then they sign out and it works. Good luck with the craft sale and LOVE that pic of those 2 stinkers on the couch together, LOL!!!! Have a great week Nancy!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Morning nancy...not much time but good luck with UR garage Sale.
off to work I go....


ByLightOfMoon said...

I love your pillows and I have been collecting fabrics for similar items.

Don't give up blogging, I love to read you and visit. I use google account to comment and sometimes have to sign in myself.