Sunday, June 5, 2011

JUST SOME NEW NEWS & A GIVE AWAY COMING SOON is self propelled Look how big the garden area is...had to use the weed wacker until we got the mowers

I will be leaving this Thurs for Chicago and back is a little better ---hopefully I will be taking the train to Chicago on Thurs night to visit my Daughter (Nellie) for a few days in Chicago.

I will be back Monday morning June 13th ...I will post a blog then with lots of pictures from my trip and also some pics of the progress with the garden. Billy has put a fence up around it and then a wire across the top which I have hung various things on to keep Bambi and other forest friends from eating our veggies. I have cut up some deoderant soap (Dial and Irish spring) and it is inside mesh fabric that I have pulled together at the top and tied to the wire,,,Billy has also tied some empty milk jugs and tied them around in a few places...then I took a bright orange rain coat with a hood used by hunters when it is raining. I cut some strips and tied them around plus we made a scare crow with part of it ..won't get damaged in the rain. He made his trip back up to N IL and came home with 2 mowers (that you walk behind) and a pressure cooker and some berry plants and rhubarb plant..they are now planted and he has been planting in the garden as much as possible when it is cooler in the morning and the evening (in the 90's most days lately or raining)

We also have 4 or 5 rose bushes that are starting to bloom that we just bought this spring and some of my flower seeds are starting to come up.

I am not a patient person and it always seems like it takes forever for seeds to bloom and then fall and winter sets in about the time they look real pretty.

Fred has been planting some big fields of sweet corn and I am sure that will be very tasty when it is ready to pick.

I have high hopes to can and freeze some of our veggies this fall. As soon as the garden is finished we will be taking the fence down and putting it up on the side of the house for our 4 fur babies.

Now if I could find a few barn cats that have been fixed to chase the moles out I would be a lot happier.

Hope you all have good weather where ever you are and that if you have planted a garden that it is doing great.

I will be having a give away in my blog (maybe with 2 winners) when I get back so come back and get in on the fun next week. I will have someone checking my blog while I am gone and approve your comments...I hope I have a ton of them to read when I get home :) I will be approving them until Thursday :)


My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi nancy...good to hear that the back is a little better..nothing worse then a back ache...I got one tonight after a long day of cleaning..

Sounds like you have been a busy bee in the yard and garden ..glad you got it planted..

Have a safe and fun trip to see your Daughter..


Dani said...

wow, I envy the garden space you have...and hope your back feels better and better....
have fun in the windy city!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

A trip to CHI town! That sounds like a lot of fun.
See you when you get back.
You have fun now!

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

You sure have been busy with your garden. Hope you have tons of wonderful veggies this summer. Enjoyed "catching up" with the last few weeks and so glad Billy made it back safe and sound. Sounds like the bad days are over and you are settling in well in your forever home. Have a great trip to Chicago! Besides Seattle, Chicago is my favorite city! Have fun and stay out of trouble! ~~Annie

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

It's so great you can get away to see your daughter, Nancy! Hope it's not too hot and that you have a great time there. LOVE your garden spot, and looks like nice soil there --- mine looks like pure sand!

You asked in your comment on my blog about where to get the asparagus bean seeds. They are also called yard-long beans. Same thing. I got mine from Ebay, but there is also a place called Baker Seeds:
They love hot weather!!! I planted mine early here, so it looks like I'll get another planting in.
Don't forget about hair around your plants, too. Deer don't like the scent of human hair.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have a wonderful place for a big garden! I hope you're having fun this week! Talk to you when you get back! HAVE FUN! ♥

Fran said...

Wow a nice big garden Nancy. You all have been busy. I'm sure you will enjoy your trip to the Big Easy. Have fun, Fran