Friday, May 13, 2011


This will be a post covering many topics (since Blogger hasn't worked for the last 4 days.
First of all I would like to mention that I will be having a give away as soon as I reach 100 followers and not that many more to go.
I will start with telling about my Mothers Day. My oldest son and his wife came down for Mothers Day and brought me a surprize by bringing my #6 son. My oldest son brought me this nice photo frame and This Hydrangia plant (which is now planted near the end of my Flower bed out in front looks great and will have pleanty of room to spread out

# 6 son brought ne a nice hanging plant..a double Impatience plant and I hung it up out in front and had a Humming bird come by it the same day...guess I will go and buy a feeder and also plant some more red flowers so the Hummer will come back and maybe even bring some family members (He also gave me a card with some cash that I had fun spending:)

Then our LL which I don't even like to call our LL since he is actually also a sweet neighbor and friend and now I call him the Angel from across the road
Billy trimmed some dead branches off trees and had them in a pile and along comes Fred and picked them up and hauled them outof the yard...not to mention that he also came up and cut our lawn last week. We do not have a mower right now and are having a hard time finding one and Billy has been cutting all around the house with his weed wacker...We have a lot of Ticks (and I hate ticks) and keeping the grass cut short will make it not so bad. I am ordering some home remidies next week to keep ticks off of us and our fur babies
Billy finally was able to put my swing back up and I am soooo happy. I have had it for 10 years and now I couldn't live without it...Fur babies like it a lot also

When we moved here the yard was like an open slate and we have been working on it to give it some curb appeal..It will probably take us all summer but if kind of fun making it like we want it
Check out this old window frame that we found out in the woods behind the house...wait until you see what it will look like when I get it made into something very different

This is 3 pieces of fence that we already had and have a spot planned for them too
You will be really surprized to see what I do with these
and with these

This is how it looked in front of the house when we first started planting

This is where we buried our little cat that passed away in march and I am sure he was at least between 23 and 24 years old...It looks much different now

This is the corner of the yard right near the back door

We just put this out in front and planted some Rose Bushes..It is still a work in progress

This is the side of the small garage and is still a big mess

This is a circle in the driveway so you don't have to back out..can just go around..Just started working on this area too
This is the side of the big garage and not much happening there yet either
This is an area near the back door that will take a while to get in shape
This is a bird house that was meant mainly for looks but Billy thinks there is a nest in it. It is real close to the house so it will be easy to keep an eye on it
And this is what happens every morning when I get out of bed and go in the bathroom...this is what I see when I come of course I don't even bother to try and make the bed..Thank you Anndarie from making me make the bed right away
Even Bianca and Annie are very content in their new forever yard :) I had some GREAT finds when we went to Goodwill on Mothers day and I had fun spending my Mothers Day Money and I got a lot of bang for my buck..I will post pictures of my finds in my next post and maybe even an update on my yard :)


Dani said...

glad you had such a nice mothers day...and seeing your yard take shape will be fun...the iris you sent me more than a year ago has finished blooming but sure was beautiful this year....

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Looks like the girls are pretty content in their home. Things are looking really good. I think you have a pretty good set-up there!
Can't wait to see the new Goodwill goodies!
Have a super weekend!

Lynn S. said...

Thanks for sharing sharing your "interesting" week. Love the way your yard is shaping up.

Carmen C. said...

Looks like everyone is settling in and you'll have that yard looking gorgeous in no time;) have a wonderful weekend!