Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This will be a long be prepared
I would like to tell you all about some real Angels on Earth that I have met...and there are quite a few..I have Angels I have met on the internet and have received many nice surprize packages from all of them.
I have taken long trips many times in my car with 5 or more of my kids (and they were all pretty help with driving) and one time I drove from South Bend Ind all the way to Clearwater Fla (just one of many times I left my X) and I know for sure there were Angels riding co-pilot..there were no Cell phones then....scarey to think about now looking back , but I did have a CB in my car which did make me feel a little better and safer on my voyages.
That was many many years ago and I know I could never do that now nor do I want to.
I have a friend that I met about 15 or more years ago and she worked in a fabric store and I liked her so much that I wouldn't shop there unless I knew she was on duty.
Our friendship grew from that and we just hit it off well. We shared stories about our lives and what was going on and she has never (and I do mean never) forgotten any of my tales about my life.
In 1999 she called me and asked me if we wanted a pick up was her nieces and she lived in South Carolina..the Church wouldn't take it because it was stick shift and my friend couldn't take it because she couldn't drive stick shift.
Of course we said yes.It was an 86 Ford Ranger with only 62,000 miles.
Billy got on a plane and was going to fly to pick it up. They had a layover in Atlanta and he was stuck there for 39 hours (without sleep) and of course we did not have a cell phone then..I was going crazy sitting in IL and worrying about him. He bought a phone card at the airport and it was $10.00 for 10 min..a very big rip off. He finally got a flight that took him to a town about an hour away from where he needed to be and they went and picked him up. When he got back to their house he just took the key ant thanked them and started to head home. This was in December and he did hit some icy roads and slid off the road and was able to get back out. then he slid off a second time and couldn't get out. A nice young College guy stopped and tied a rope to the truck and pulled him out (another Earth Angel and didn't know his name either) This is when he decided that he better pull off and go to Motel and get some sleep.
When he called me from the Motel and told me he gave them the last of his cash I could have flipped so...I called the manager at the Motel and asked her if I gave her my CC number would she give him the cash back. That is when she told me how he looked like the walking dead and not in good shape at all. I had to have someone take my credit card and send her a pic and my signature and then she took it. Where am I going with this story??? you will see soon.
I also had to call a cab to pick him up and take him to a grocery store so I could send him some money by western union..He got there and their computer went down. This nice cad driver (another Earth Angel) waited until he could get the money and then took him back to Motel to get the truck and head home..I told him "Make sure you give him a nice tip"
He headed back out and 15 min later got to Rt 65 and saw it was clear and headed home and when he got home he did get out and kiss the driveway :)
When my friends sister found out about all the problems he had she sent us some money to help with part of the trip plus pay for new tags and title. I told my friend that wasn't nevessary and she just said ..Don't worry about it because her sister enjoyed doing things like this since when she was in College and having a hard time with finances she had a lot of Angels help her out and she said if she ever got to where she could do it she wanted to do the same thing and "Pay It Forward"
That was only the friend and I talked a lot and when ever I had a minor problem I would get this envelope with some cash in it. Just whatever she felt like sending. One time we lived next door to a man that lost his wife to Cancer and he just never got over it. He had NO teeth..didn't shave or cut his hair..always looked grungy etc etc. We would have him over for supper a lot so he could have a decent meal and when this Lady found out (remember I talked to my friend that was her sister a lot) I got an envelope in the mail with $300.00 cash and a note for being kind to our neighbor.
I can't count all the times she did this and there would just be an envelope in the mail with cash. There is NOTHING I can do to thank her since no one in her family knows she does this.
The real topper was when we were trying to figure out a way to go back to AL to get the rest of our things that we left in storage there.
My friend and I were trying to calculate the costs for truck gas etc and she asked me where we were going to get that kind of money and I told her Billy was going to take out a loan...Well I get a phone call from her the next morning to tell me her sister decided that she was going to help us get our stuff and forget about getting the loan. Said she got a bonus at work that she wasn't ecpecting.
My friend had my ck acct number because she would put money in my acct sometimes so I could use my CC/debit card to buy her something she wanted on line...she did not have a CC and of course I didn't mind.
Her sister was coming down to visit her the week before Billy planned to leave and I bank on line so I check my account every day and when I checked the one day I could not believe my eyes..she had made a deposit of $1,700.00..When I showed Billy he did get tearie eyed and I was speechless. It just blows my mind to think someone could do that for me AND want NOTHING in return..I still think about it EVERY day and it still blows my mind. I was able to talk to her on the phone when she was at her sisters (my friend) and thanked her from the bottom of my Heart....all she said was "It was something she wanted to do with the bonus she got that she wasn't expecting" How can you ever thank someone like that..There are no words except "Thank You"
It was also my friends sister that gave us a car in 2000..a Toyota and my #1 son drove to her state and picked it up and drove it was the same thing..Money came in the mail to pay for tags and title transfer
It is her sister (my friend) that drove down here 5 hours and bought all the paint and supplies for us to try making some of our own fabric designs. She also sends me fabric and sewing supplies so I can sew and make all the quilts I am making for my kids. Another Angel on Earth
I always knew there were guarding Angels watching over me but am now finding out that there are some that are right here on Earth
Sorry for such a long post but it makes me feel like I am thanking her even though she will never see this post.
Thank God for all Angels in all shapes and we can see them or not and some that we don't even know their name :)



Great story, it is nice to know that there are so many nice people. I have emailed you the link to the crow logo, if you don't get it, please let me know. Thanks.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

A very heart warming post.
You are lucky indeed to have an angel like that.
Prim Blessings

Carmen C. said...

True angels indeed! We don't come across them every day, but when we do they touch our lives in profound ways!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nancy, I'm not sure which meant more to me about your post today --- the angels that ministered to you and what they did, or the fact that YOU recognized them as angels!!!! It wasn't too long ago that I realized that there are people (angels) who are sent into our lives. We tend to call them friends. It was so great to read about yours this morning. What a wonderful way to start my day! Makes me want to start counting my "angels."

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

What a kind and generous friend! God watches over us and He has sent you your own angel! You have been blessed!
Hope Billy is rested up and never has to make that trip in winter again!

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Wonderful and heart touching story! Yes, I believe there are angels everywhere! blessings,Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Life is what we make of it. Angels are all around us every day...we just need to recognize them. You have indeed been blessed.

I think I'll read your post over and heart will be warmed over and over.


Fran said...

Nancy it is so great that you have angels here on earth to help you out. What a wonderful feeling.

Firecracker Kid said...

That's a wonderful post Nancy:) I believe there are angels on earth too. Thank God for them.

*The Old Geezer said...

I thank God for my guardian angel. He's had a tough assignment guarding me! :-)