Friday, April 22, 2011


Yeah-----we made it---we turned 2 yesterday (21st) and we are still alive and Mom still has all her might have more Grey in it but she still has it all.
We had some nice treats for our Birthday And Dad gave some to Bianca and Annie too. We like our White sisters so we don't mind sharing but we do wish they would drop their treat for just 10 seconds LOL

Dad went to the store yesterday (on our BD) to pick up a little stuffed animal for Gavin for his BD. When we saw Mom take it out of the bag we got all excited...we really did think it was for us for a BD gift.

Mom took it in the guest room and put it on the dresser in there and she didn't shut the door real tight and we wondered why she wouldn't give us our toy so Maggie went in and took it off the dresser and we had a good time trashing it because that is what we like to do. Mom scolded us and took it away but we did have fun for about 2 minutes

This is one of our gifts they got collars and Maggie couldn't wait to get hers on..Maggie has the Blue one and Calli's is Red
I wanted to get up in Moms lap and she kept telling me to go by Maggie. Couldn't she see that Maggie was hogging the couch. But since I do mind most of the time I did what I was told and got up on the couch and just laid on top of Maggie :)

There is a hole cut in the bottom of the kitchen door for the kitties to go out on back porch to eat and to use their litter box. When Mom or Dad go out the door Maggie lays on the floor with her head through the hole.

Here is her back side in the kitchen. She is pretty funny with some of the things she does
We love to tussle and rough house sometimes and especially in Moms recliner

Mom still remembers when she went outside for a few min and we ripped the arm on her recliner. She keeps the recliner covered so no one can see it.

We did tear up the arm on Dads recliner first and it just wasn't fair not to do one of them on Mom's. They were very upset with us but that was about a year ago and we are 2 now and are trying real hard not to get in so much trouble. Good thing they Love us so much or we might not be here now...I am sure they will be getting some new recliners and we will be good and not rip them. Maybe they will let us have the old ones :)

We also got a bath tonight and Mom rinsed us with Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water. It is supposed to help us not get ticks on us. So now we smell like vinegar a little insted of a dog

Can't see Maggie very good in this picture because she went by the door and just kept barking to go out
I have received some donations for Cathleen. Some of my blogging friends donated $35.00 and you can see their names in the comments in post below this one.

I hope to see many more pictures like these of Catherine and praying for a Miracle

We are still hoping for more donations and just got 3 --- they put the money right in her PP acct so there would be no fees.

The donations were from

Daniel and Brenda Herron, Rebecca Mitchell and Tim Mitchell, just put a combined total of $300.00 into Kristy Shivers account...That will help with the gas for them to drive to Sea World since they live in GA. What makes the trip harder is the soaring gas prices. If anyone can even afford $5.00 donation it will be helpful :) You can still click on the link on the left sidebar or you can email me for the email address to go right to her PP account.

This is the third celebration. We have been buying water since we moved to this house Oct 1st and LL did say they were piping in water this spring. They actually started digging the ditch next to the road last winter.
They came Tuesday to dig the trench to bring it up to the house

It was very cold and damp that day and I could tell they were very cold but they were bundled up
It did kind of make a mess in the yard but I welcome it to be able to get water for drinking and cooking right out of the kitchen sink

I took this picture out my kitchen window where they are digging the trench up to the house

This is what it looks like when you pull in my driveway from the road out in front

We will need to do a lot of landscaping when they are finished but that is O K because there was a lot of things I wanted to do and now I will have help.

LL also sent the bug guy up here to spray around the house for bugs..He is such a great man that I hate to even call him when we have any kind of problem

They still have to cut a hole through the basement wall to run the line inside...Right now there is a lot of big puddles and mud and hopefully it will quit raining soon so they can finish it


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Nancy!
Wow! There sure has been a lot going on at your place lately. Such a hustle and bustle! So glad all of you are doing well, and I'm also happy that donations are coming in for your son's niece.
Easter Blessings to all.
Donna, Kes and Fezzik

nancy huggins said...

Thank you Donna. It will be kind of Lonesome when Billy leaves and we do have a lot going on now with just 2 retired seniors and 4 dogs and 2 kitties

Carmen C. said...

Oh no, the "terrible twos", LOL!!!! You two are very much loved though and I'm sure you will both start calming down a bit now that you are getting more mature;) Have a very Happy Easter!

Lynn S. said...

Nice blog, Nancy. Happy Easter!

nancy huggins said...
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nancy huggins said...

Well..we made it to two and got a little better so now we will shoot for 3 and see if we can get even better behaved :)

shellby said...

Maggie and Cali are going to be just fine. At the moment, the world is their toy and they plan to tear it up.

I wish the best for Catherine and hope she and her family can go on a memorable vacation together.

It will be so nice when you can just reach over and turn on the water without having to take off the lid first.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Happy Easter, girlfriend!
May your furry babies continue to flourish and make you unendingly happy!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi Nancy..sound like life has been busy around your house...
Love your little house so cute. Looks like a great place fopr all your fur babied to grow up...

Happy Easter My friend!