Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Almost Over :)

Billy left for S AL from Central IL on Monday morning at 5 A M and he got there at 5:30 P M...had good weather going down and was driving our Dodge which is easy to handle.
He picked up the 26 ft U Haul Tuesday morning and noticed there was a bolt in the one tire so of course that shot half the day waiting for U Haul to come and put a new tire on. He was able to get most of the things from our storage unit down there that we didn't have room for when we moved up here last Oct. It was getting dark and he said he had about 2 more hours of loading and he went early this morning and finished loading. Then he was supposed to go to another dealer to pick up the tow dollie to tow our car back. They didn't have it but they did charge him on our debit card before they told now he had to go back to first dealer for the tow dollie and pay again. Since the truck was reserved in my name (even though he used his card to pay) I have to call U Haul in Birmingham and have them put it back (That should be interesting)
And to top it all off they had Tornado warnings for AL..Tenn and Miss so we decided he should stay an extra day at his Aunts and leave for home tomorrow.
I was just a little bit worried about him driving down and loading the truck but now I will be a nervous wreck until I see that U Haul with the car behind it in my driveway.
Some tornados did hit AL and from what I was told it did kill some people in Birmingham. I hope there are no winds or rain on his route coming home. He said if he drives the U Haul 50 miles an hour it does want to sway. This is what we tried to get to haul the car but it will be just a tow bar with front wheels of car up off the ground This is the biggest truck we could get..26 ft and everything is in it..requesting prayers for a safe trip for him and I will be doing the happy dance when I see him pull in

I would like to thank everyone for their prayers for Catherine and also a BIG thank you to Mark and Kelly Herron from McHenry IL for their donation of $100.00..Every bit helps and I am goping that when school is out they will have enough for their family to make the long waited trip to Sea world. I will continue my fundraising efforts until at least the end of May
I am planning to have a garage sale and craft sale near the end of May to try and raise more funds for Catherine plus I have over 30 items I listed on ebay in the last 2 days that I will donate part of every sale for Catherine
Here is a link to my ebay auctions plus I will have one on the sidebar if anyone wants to check my items out...I will be listing more the rest of this week so check back often and once again I want to thank everyone for their prayers and donations for this sweet little girl :)


Carmen C. said...

Nancy, I was up late watching the weather channel, such devastation in the south its just heart breaking! He will be in my prayers for a safe trip home, try not to worry ((HUGS))

Denise said...

We too were up watching the terrible weather in the south.... Praying for you and his safe trip home.... such a terrible terrible sight in Alabama. The weather has become so unstable........ but God is faithful and HE is in control.....