Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi...My name is Calli Fae and I have been in my forever home since June 12th 2009 This is my Sister Maggie Mae..we are from the same Mom but she looks like our Mom..they think my Dad was a German Shepard and I guess that is why I am brown
This is the day we came to live with our forever Mom and Dad..They bought us a rawhide chew and since we were so little we shared it.

Mom gave Maggie a tshirt and she loved that shirt but it didn't take her very long and she tore it to shreads
I am the good one..She how sweet I look sitting on the car port waiting for Mom to come out and sit by me :)

This is Maggie with the chew she was supposed to share..she is so naughty sometimes

Dad put a fence up so we would be safe and not run out in the road..I am trying to show Maggie how if we act like a cat we can get out of here

But maggie just sat there and watched me and then Mom caught me in the act and fixed the fence so I couldn't do that again

Mom used to give us a bucket of water outside when it was hot out..I liked cooling my feet in the water and she would always get angry and yell at me.

Then Mom bought us a wading pool and she also put water in a horse water thing so we could stay cool because it was so hot in AL

This is Maggie taking her turn in the little pond. Mom read about raising Labs and it said they liked to go swimming. Now she said she will NEVER let us have another pool. She didn't realive how the water would draw mosquitos and that is how Maggie ended up with Heart worm and had to have 2 very painful treatments. She doesn't want that to ever happen again and now she is finding information of things she can make herself to keep mosquitos..and ticks...and even fleas and flys off of us.

Mom took some pictures of me jumping up in the air...I can jump straight up just like if I was on a trampoline and I jump about 6 ft straight up in the air....Mom and Dad laugh at me every time I jump like that.

When we first came to live with Mom and Dad my Dad put this fence up for us and silly little maggie thought she could get out by going through this hole LOL

Look how dopey Maggie looked when she was just a puppy..Now everyone says how pretty she is and that hurts my feelings. Mom always gives me a kiss on my forhead and tells me I am cute and special and that makes me feel better.

I found a toad one day and he just kept hopping and going under things and I never was able to catch him.

Mom gets the job of giving us a bath...and then Dad gets the job of drying us off. Which job do you think is easier?

Mom bought this crate for Maggie because she was so naughty all the time and they couldn't trust her out of their sight...but I don't like to be away from maggie so I go in the crate too and we sleep close together :)

When Mom and Dad go to town they usually take all 4 of their furbabies with and we all lay down in the back except Maggie.For some reason she has to put her head between Mom and Dad and watch out the front window to see where we are going. She can be so annoying some times but yelling at her doesn't help..she just ignores them.

Whenever we are in the hose and we take a little nap we are usually very close together.

Even when we go in the crate at night..Sometimes I lay my head on Maggie and sometimes she lays hers on me..We Love each other very much

We love it when Dad gets the brush out and grooms us...It sure does feel good

Maggie thinks she is still a little puppy and jumps up in Dads lap every time she gets a chance

She even rearranges the chair to make it more comfortable even if it means pushing the cushion out

Mom and Dad bought this couch just for us..I think that war really nice of them..We must be special...sometimes we share it with Bianca and Annie..our 2 little White sisters.

I guess we will be with Mom and Dad and Bianca and Annie plus the 3 annoying cats for the rest of our lives. We will be haing another Birthday on April 21st..we will be 2 years old and Mom always said that when we turned 2 we better behave better. We are getting a lot better and we don't like it when they fuss at us so I guess we better start letting them know we do appreciate them and Love them like they Love us
They moved back up North to Central IL and took us with because they say we are family :) Even though we got loose 4 times while moving...twice in the woods in AL before we left..They we took off out the door in the one Motel..Mom and Dad were really scared that we would go out in the highway and get run over. Then the 4th time we were only about 17 miles from our new home and we jumped out the car window (Mom forgot she left it down) There was a nice man that got out of his car and he had a dog..We just wanted to check this dog out and make sure he wasn't going to harm Mom or Dad...They were really getting aggrivated by the time we got to our new home
We like it here a lot better and it is fun playing in the snow. We still have to go outside and be put on a chain but this summer they are going to put a new fence up for us and this one will be 6 ft high..just to make sure we can't get out


My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Great Story Nancy... Your fur babies are adorable... Hopefully they will behave better after there 2nd Birthday..LOL...

Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed it!!


Donna said...

Awwwww....Nancy, This was a FUN post! Love your Fur Babies Photos!! Thank you for following me!

Carmen C. said...

I always love reading of your adventures! You two are VERY special and I'm so glad you have a very loving family and your OWN COUCH, LOL!!!!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nothing better than a storybook that tells the story of "They way we were!" Such a good read, Nancy! Pictures and all!!!!!! Buster loves it when I whisper in his ear and tell him his story of how when he was little. . . . . and so on. When we get to the part about "Bad Boy School", he hangs his head! But like you, I kiss him on the head and tell him it's ok and that he is my forever puppy. He still LOVES the blankies you made for him!

Dani said...

they have certainly grown into good looking dogs....lucky dogs too to have you both as their parents.....cute post, Nancy..!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what loved puppys you have..they are so cute sleeping together and doing everything seeing that.;)

Fran said...

Nancy this could be titled " A year in the life of Callie and Maggie. Great story.

nancy huggins said...

This story could have 10 or 15 more chapters Fran..I do truly love all my dogs and Maggie and Calli are kind of special. I feel like I saved their life..especially Maggie..They would have been run over by a car or died from heart worm..I do wonder a lot if any of their siblings are still alive and if they have their own couch...We don't have to yell at them to get off the FURniture..It is theirs too and if we have company we just put a nice fresh clean cover on it.
I am happy that Buster still loves his blankie Cora..He is a very special dog too..I remember well about all of Busters little problems but look at what a fine dog he turned out to be. Does he still wait for me to call and talk to him on the answering machine :) :)

Samantha said...

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BTW.. My dog Hurley looks exactly like yours! They are so cute!