Saturday, February 19, 2011


O K..Now it's my turn..Mom is always talking about those huge Pups that are always bugging me...Just look at this picture of me when I was a Pup...I was 10 weeks old when I was delivered to Mom and dads house in 2003...the day after Thanksgiving..
Mom made me this cute little collar cover and they bought me a real nice crate (ha ha.that only lasted 1 night and then I got to sleep with them right on top of Dads pillow :)
My real name is Princess Bianca Huggins and they even paid for my papers and then they had me spayed. Mom said after giving birth 9 times she just didn't have the heart to have me bread just to make some money :) I kkep going in maggie and Callis crate so Dad thought he would be nice and set my crate back up for me...I don't think so Dad..if you like it so much then you go in it :)
I will hust continue to go in maggie and callis crate when ever I feel like it..A lot more room in it

This is me and my sister Annie (We are both American Eskimos but we look a little different...Annie has thicker hair and she weighs more than me even though I am 4 months older than her. They got Annie to keep me company and so I would have someone to play with. Annie was born in Jan but came to live with us in April when she was 3 months old. She is kind of shy but when she growls at the pups they just stop and lay down right on their backs...When I growl at them they just ignore me...Aren't we just so cute and special?

Dad took me for a ride one day and let me out at a farm where they had cows...I thought it would be kind of cool to roll in the cow do was pretty mad at Dad when we came home......

and she made him give me a bath outside...I do not like baths

Annie was even worse than me..she smeared her face in do do and red dirt..she had to have a bath too

I do not like having a bath in the bath tub either and I run and get up on the back of Dads recliner and I just want them to stay away from me
Here I am protecting my big rawhide chew that I got when Mom had a BD party for the big obnockious pups last April when they turned 1...we all got some ice cream (sugar free of course) and a nice big rawhide chew

This is me and Annie in our house we lived in before Dad retired. I don't know why they just didn't stay there and forget about moving south and getting 2 more dogs. I guess they must have had their reasons.
Annie kind of like Calli and likes to lay by her sometimes...Calli is sweet most of the time and not as wild as Maggie :)

Mom and Dad took us on a vacation in 2008 to Northern WI and we stayed at a nice Motel with a little patio right out the sliding doors...but of course Annie found some mulch to lay in
They just don't understand that I was here first and ALL the little plush toys are MINE

Don't anyone come near me now..I am about to hide my favorite toy so none of you can have it :)

This is me and Annie laying in our yard in Northern IL..Aren't we the prettiest dogs you have ever laid eyes on?

This is Annie laying out in the snow a few years ago and out human sister Nellie took this picture (I think Annie is nellies favorite) but thats O K cause I am Dads favorite

I sleep and lay down to rest in some very weird positions..I make Dad laugh when I lay like this.

I LOVE laying on a pillow and I get in bed every night and Dad and I share his pillow

This is my Human sister when she came to visit and gave me and Annie both a bath. Mom says giving us a bath is a lot of work because we have such thick hair

We used to have a bay window in our other house in IL and we loved laying in it. It faced the street and there was a Church next door to us and we would greet everyone when they came to Church

And weather they like it or not....I will still lay in Maggie and Callis crate whenever I feel like it and I am NOT letting them come in when I am in there.

Next week Mom is planning on taking us all to the vet to get our shots updated..I am not going to like that 1 bit but maybe they will buy us some ice cream if we behave :)


Debra said...

What nice pics Nancy! Love your fur babies!

Carmen C. said...

Awww, you are every bit as special as the rowdy pups:) I love the pic of you and sister Nellie, your all swaddled up like a baby;)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh they are soo cute and what good parents you are to them..;)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love the story as told from the dog's perspective. Very creative! They certainly are a pair of beauties.
BTW~ I don't blame you one bit for getting upset about the cow do do thing. I would have hit the roof!

Fran said...

Such pretty pets Nancy. I can see why you are in love with them. Great story. Like the prespective.

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi the
story..especially going to the farm with dad and getting all coverd with DoDo..giggling.
Every singe time I give Pudles my sheltie a bath as soon as the chance to go outside comes up he immediatley goes out there and rolls in whatever he can find to roll in...ha I have figured out his game plan after 14 yesrs .. I let him out first, then bath, then long hours in the house to dry out.

Thanks for sharing the fun!!


Dani said...

love all your fur babies, but the American Eskimos are so their whiteness and sweet expressions...

nancy huggins said...

Right before Billy retired we went to visit my oldest son and his MIL was there with some American Eskimos she was selling and I picked one uo and it put it's little paws around my neck and gave me a kiss on the cheek..That is when I said when he retired I wanted one of them...and the rest is history..they are very loveable dogs..and quite amusing sometimes :)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Just too cute, Nancy!!!! I love the poopy faces the best! So innocent, with the look of "Why NOT???" I've been there, having to wash that stuff off, putting up with the smell, etc., etc. But you just can't help but laugh inside, wondering what in the world was so wonderful about that to a dog???? Don't you wish they could tell you?

nancy huggins said...

LOL Cora..My Dog's do talk to me but they won't tell me why they like to roll in DoDo..I think that is there way of getting even when they wanted some of my dinner and I wouldn't let them have any LOL

Debbie Geiger said...

Hi Nancy no worries your comment is still there and I have already seen that you posted the give away so all is well I will announce the winner on March 5. have a wonderful day.

Bless you and yours!

Debbie Geiger said...

Oh and I love your furry friends.

Lynn S. said...

Very cute story, Nancy.