Thursday, February 3, 2011


I am really looking forward to spring I can go outside with just 1 layer of clothes and work in the yard. Our power went out on Tuesday night around 8 P M and we were without heat until 9:30 A M on Wed. I stayed in bed even after I heard it come back on and waited for the house to warm up a little. We didn;t get a lot of snow but we did get about 3" of ice.
The white you see on the ground in the pictures is not is ice. This has been a very weird winter here in the midwest as I am sure it is a lot of places. We knew it was coming on Monday so we went to town (10 miles down a winding road out to the highway)..We had a scrip refilled and picked up a few necessary things at WM and also took our gal jugs to fill with water since we can not drink the water here yet. They have been working on putting mew water lines in out in front of the house and by spring we should have city water. By the time we got home there was ice all down both sides of the car..just like frosting on a cake..only ICE. The rear view mirrors were also covered with ice and ice cicles hanging on the bottom of them, very nasty weather to drive in. I took this picture out my kitchen window and if you look close you can see the ice hanging on the branches on the left.
This is some of the pine trees on the other side of our driveway..they are huge and all the branches are hanging down from the ice

I have lived in the midwest most of my life and don't remember ever seeing huge pine trees with all the branches bent down. I guess we are supposed to get hit again this week end so we will try and make another trip to town and stock up on milk and bread and then just stay inside and hope the power doesn't go out again. Good time to just relax and watch T V or work on my crafts. Even the dogs don't like to stay out for more than 2 min to go pody and come back in and lay around.
I will be having another give away in my next post so be sure and check will be a good one :)
Hope everyone stays safe and warm :)


Dani said...

wow..try to stay warm...Alan remembers some winters in Iowa that were like that when he was a kid...very icy and no snow...but it was very much for global warming, huh?

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad you are staying prepared with all this nasty weather..stay in, stay toasty and enjoy some crafting..:)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Here I am in Florida, and I feel guilty when I complain about being cold. Weather is changing, that's for sure. It seems that we are having colder and colder winters here. Fruit trees are gone, and most of the farmers have lost their crops. Stay safe, Nancy, and keep warm!!!!!