Saturday, February 5, 2011


I don't know if you can see the ice on the trees in this picture but with the sun shining on them and they were all sparkley and shiny when we ventured out to go to town yesterday..Billy stopped to let me take pictures of the sparkley ice This is just actually weeds on the side of the road but even the weeds had ice on them...It was kind of pretty to look at but now I wish all the ice and snow was gone.

The dogs were barking and having a fit and when I looked out the window I saw the Landlord coming up the driveway on his tractor with a front loader and was plowing our driveway

He was putting all the snow in a big pile where it would be out of the way...He plowed right up to the front of the garage...couldn't ask for a better LL

It was Maggies turn to go out (we have to put the big huge pups out one at a time on a chain since they broke the other chain) and she was facinated by the tractor and we barely ever have a vehicle pull in our driveway so that was exciting for her to. Maggie does not like it when it is Callies turn to go out and she has to stay in and wait for her turn..

This is our back door that goes out to the back porch and the LL cut a hole in it so our cats could go out on the porch to go in their litter box plus their food is out there. I took the back side of a piece of velcro and had Billy screw it into the door right above the hols and then I took some upholstery fabric that wouldn't fray and sewed the top half of the velcro on the back of it and cut it in strips. We did that on both sides to keep drafts out and if anything happens to the fabric (like maybe Maggie tearing it up) it can be replaced easy enough.

And here is Maggie with her head out through the hole because she is upset because Billy is outside with Calli and Bianca and Annie. She howls..whines..and crys until it is her turn.
I sure wish I could just let the pups out without a chain but every time they manage to sneak out or break the chain they take off and I am afraid they will get out in the road and get killed. I would love to have one of those zappers to use and there is a special collar to put on the dog and when they go past where you want them to go you can zap it and they will learn not to go where they are not supposed to go...will be glad when spring is here and we can rig up some kind of fence...even if it looks like little house on the prairie..


Carmen C. said...

I'm so happy to hear you have a wonderful landlord, that has to make a HUGE difference:)Looks like all the furry ones love their new home:)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

He is such a good guy! Midwest men are the best! Looks like it was a nasty storm, Hon.
I love the drama going on with the dogs. Good to know mine aren't the only ones who get jealous of each other!
Have a blessed Sunday!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Looks just like out your window..Ice finally started to melt off out trees here. Much much damage to huge trees in our area...Kinda sad to see them fallen and broken!
My animals are all jealous of each other to, worse then the kids were.. It is so funny!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what an awesome landlord to plow your driveway and to put in a cat door for you..I think we are all getting spring fever.;) have a great rest of your weekend;)

Laura Frantz said...

So glad you're settled and enjoying the beautiful snow!! All my best to you and Billy!
Bless you both,

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Nancy:) That's my kind of landlord there. Bless his heart. Maybe he'll help y'all out alot:) Sounds like all your doggies are doing well and full of energy.