Saturday, January 29, 2011


Since I am not getting a lot of intrest in this give away I will be ending it Sunday night and will draw a name from the ones that left a comment.
The other news is about my Lexmark printer that I just loved.
My printer (Lexmark) that I really loved quit when we lived in AL.....I took it up North when I went up in Oct (along with my computer) and my son finally got around to checking it out and why it quit.
He said he tried to put a piece of copy paper in it and it wouldn't go throough and when he pulled it out it was full of red dirt which tells me I was right about why it quit working. Same thing happened to our 2 T V's...took the back off and they were thick with dust. I have never had that problem anywhere I lived before and it also means I was right about the registers in the house there & they were blowing dirt out. I am still trying to get that dirt off a lot of my items I had on shelves and in bookcase.
I replaced it with a Kodak printer and I do not like it at all..I can't find a Lexmark any where and my son said he thinks Dell bought them out.
We could have gone on 2 cruises with the money we spent to move down there plus the cost of the printer and 2 T V's..
I now have the best landlord ever. He sprayed all around the house to make sure we don't have any bugs coming in plus he had the septic pumped and had a furnace man come and clean out all the duct work from furnace. ( they are already starting working on putting city water in this area.
He also has a spot plowed for us that he plowed up in October and will Plow , cultivate and spread fertalizer again right when it is time for us to plant a garden.
I am really looking forward to planting a garden here and know it won't all get eaten by rats.
(We lost over $400.00 on a garden last year and ended up with a few bags of peas and some radishes)
I may have to think of a way to keep the deer and bunnies out of it but maybe having 4 dogs will help.
We also need to get a fence put up for the 2 big huge pups so they can have a little more freedom. We decided that it will definately have to be 6 ft high.
The House is really a little smaller than we would like but we just keep rearranging furniture to get it the way we like it
I am still busy cutting squares to make quilts for the kids and grandkids next winter. It is a good pass time now when it is to cold to go out and work in the yard.
Guess I better get back to my cutting and sewing.


Carmen C. said...

I'm glad to hear your happier now in the new home and thats too bad about the printer and tv's! I have a lexmark printer now and love it too:)

Dani said...

wow...we have alot of dust here too being so close to a road but nothing like that....good to know though if we ever find ourselves in that neck of the woods...glad your landlord is so thoughtful and good....imagine plowing a garden area for you! how nice is that?

nancy huggins said...

Yes Dani..It is a whole different world here..I can't wait to start planting and did order some flower bulbs today to plant out in front. This is the best LL ever..We can also fish in his lake behind the house...hunt in the woods behind the house (which we won't do) and we can put up a fence whereever we want for the pups...They also invited me to their Church and as soon as the weather gets a little warmer I will be going..right now I can't go out that time of day without my back hurting.
Also found a great Dr here..NONE of the Dr's we called down there would take me except for the 1 chiro and he made my neck and back worse.
I am counting the days until the sun will be out and at least 60 degrees :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

It does sound like things are going well. I am hoping and praying that all our gardens do better this year. We really need for it to be a good year. All I put up last year was 1 batch of vegetable soup. We'll be running out of things soon. It's so good to have a friendly LL.

nancy huggins said...

It really is great when you have a LL that fixes things when you have a problem. I almost feel bad calling him when we have a problem with something.
We are anxious to start digging in the dirt and planting seeds..I am sure this year will be better than last year for both of us :)

Anonymous said...

Well, Nancy, I'm sorry about you losing your printer, tv's, etc. while you were in Alabama, but there are just places where the dirt is red and when the wind blows it is everywhere. We don't have a problem where I live in East Texas, but I was born and raised in West Texas the sand storms are red. That red sand makes red dirt and there is not a cleaner made that will remove those red stains from fabric. By the way, yes, I was raised. Everyone west or Dallas was raised...not reared.

I suppose it's the Progresso giveaway that is ending Sunday? Win or lose, I love Progresso Soup. It's so thick and creamy. Sticks to the ribs.

Have a good weekend!