Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Go to Progresso soup on face book for a chance to win a trip to NY for a complete makeover

I will pick a winner as soon as I have reached 100 followers so spread the word and I will have my husband pick a name when 100 followers are reached A dear friend Gina from catnap inn embroidered some names for me at Christmas so I could add them on 3 Cat beds I made for my Daughter...we have been very patient waiting for her stubborn kitty "Daisy" to lay on her bed but she refuses but Mia was a good kitty and laid on hers so Nellie could take a picture (and those of you that have been following the reports on Mia ...she is hanging in there and Nellie has to give her a shot every night (is actually a drip bag)...she is a fighter :)

Lucky was a good kitty and laid on her bed so Nellie could take a picture
This is Mia's bed before she laid on it for a picture..I made hers Green /Grey in a plush type fabric so you could see her laying on it

This is Lucky's and it is a dark green soft plush fabric and I was told she likes it a lot

This is Daisys and it is a bright yellow fleece since she is mostly black..she uses whichever bed she chooses ...I guess she can't read LOL

And this is naughty little Daisy laying on her Moms fleece blanket. Maybe some day she will lay on her own bed long enough for Nellie to take a picture

Thank you Gina for making the names for me to make Nellies gift extra special.. Maybe some day Nellie can teach them which bed belongs to each of them


papel1 said...

What cute cat beds you make. With names too, maybe they will learn to read. ha. I have made quilts which the cats like and they like the pillows I made too. How would we live without our pets?

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Nancy,..I sooo love seeing the names on the beds..they look soooo good..and of course the icing on the cake is seeing the kittys..;) they are beautiful..;) you are going to love your quilt labels.;) they are wonderful..Cindy sent me a sample to see if I liked it and its really will love them too.:)

Dani said...

really nice cat beds...would you be making some for your selling blog? I blogged about cats today...and a new rescue I'm supporting...smiles and hugs

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hi Nancy... haven't a clue how to sign up for the giveaway. I don't do facebook.

Love the Kitty's and there new blankets are sweet!!

Stay Warm


papel1 said...

I am not sure if this is where I enter for the Progresso Giveaway. I like the thickness of the soup as you do not add any water like with other brands. They often seem watery where the consistency of Progresso soup is just right. I sometimes take a can of the Lentil Soup, reheat it and pour it over toast.

Kady said...

Looks like you'll have your 100 followers in no time at all! Please enter me in the giveaway. I'm already a follower. I'll go right now and post your giveaway info on the sidebar of my blog. Those kittens are darling and the beds are really well done. I love seeing photos of other peoples' cats and dogs. Yours are beautiful.

Kady said...

Well shoot...I forgot to mention how much I like Progresso Soups. Some of them have less sodium than other brands and that's important to me. I've used their chicken with noodles for the base of a casserole - added my own touches to it. MMM good, whoops, that's another brand.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, this is a nice giveaway. Progresso really does have excellent soup. DH and I buy it regularly. The cats and beds work well together. I can't imagine getting the right cat to use the right bed. Thanks for posting the giveaway and pics of the furry friends.

Jane said...

Now I found you! Thanks for the links!

DeeDee said...

cute kittys....and very nice litte beds