Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa uses the postal system :)

This is a pair of real simple slippers that I made for Nellie ...... Cora had posted the pattern in our group (Thank you Cora) These slippers will be a cute little gift for Nellie and she can use them when she takes a bath and needs something to slip on her feet. They were soooo simple and they will rag around the edges when washed..They are Flannel and nice and soft. This is a little set of Christmas Mice from my friend Dani..she knows how I love Mice and this is perfect on my shelf in the living room
The mail Lady pulled in our yard today and I guess Santa sent her...This is just 1 of the many things that was in a box from my sweet friend Gayle..When I took the lid off of the box it started playing Frosty The Snowman..I love it and am going to wear it out taking the lid off ...

We had a Secret Santa swap in our group and Gayle got my name..She spent hours making this bag just for me knowing how much I love Moose.
It is much cuter than what the picture shows and is 3 D...I am not sure if I should actually use it (since it does have some nice big pockets) or just keep it hanging in my Living room and enjoy looking at it.
Just look at all the detail and work this I Lucky or what?

There were many more gifts in the box and I will show some more of them in my next post. We also got another box from my #6 son with some gifts and will show them in another post also.
Today was Billys big 70 B D and there were some gifts for him too...
Guess it is time now to go watch the RERUN Christmas movies on T least if you have to get up and walk away from the T V you won't miss anything :)


Firecrackerkid said...

Hey, Happy Birthday Billy! Love those gifts:) Those slippers are adorable and look so snuggly comfy.
Holiday hugs and Christmas scritches!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love those slippers..they are wonderful can you send me the pattern..I would love to make them..also love the goodies you received..and I love the old tv christmas them every year.;)

Carmen C. said...

Happy Birthday to Billy!!! I LOVE those slippers, too cute! I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Dani said...

tell Billy Happy Birthday and wishing you both a good Christmas and new the slippers by the way....very nice

papel1 said...

Slippers look great...and hope Billy enjoyed his birthday. I did not know you collected trains. Hope you both have a great Christmas.