Friday, December 24, 2010


This is the T V we had to use for a while when our older one (under the tiny one) quit from getting so much dirt in it from house we lived in down south...It is a 13" T V but at least it was a T V We had to leave yesterday anf a friend sent us something through Fed X and we knew it would come while we were gone so we left a note for them to put pkg in garage..and when we opened the garage door there was a big box and in it was this 32" new T V and not as heavy as our big old one..Billy had no problem carrying it in and getting it set up. He will need help though carrying the old one out of here...good thing Nellie is here to help him...Isn't it awesome? :)

We got to the train station way early and then her train was over an hour late

She was getting a little Grumpy (and hungry) by the time she got here

Pups were glad to see Nellie and they are behaving..Calli wanted to stay close while she took a nap and she liked it when I covered her with my robe LOL

They are getting anxious for Santa to come and keep looking out the window for him (and they will get a few goodies from Santa) all 4 of them :)

There is a park in town near here and they decorate the whole park with lights in all shapes and a lot of them are antimated..was an awesome sight and this is only a few that I am sharing pictures of. I wish I could go back with my video camera and take movies of them

This is rows of Candy Canes all lit up when we got near the end of our tour

This is wrapped up gifts (I think) and the pictures are not as awesome as it was seeing them in person

This is a HUGE house like a Castle

Then a Hot air balloon

A Gingerbread House with Gingerbread men..

And this guy fishing in the boat caught fish and they lit up and flashed but couldn't get a pic of it all

There was 2 huge swans and their wings moved but doesn't do that in the picture...That is it for now..Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and wishing everyone good health and stay safe :)


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow that is one nice t.v.!!! you are going to love it!!!! you will be amazed at the nice picture you will get..I am making those slippers..have 3 pairs just waiting to be stitched up..they are soooo cute..I will post them when they are done..glad Nelli is safe and sound..did you get my card yet? I would think you would have gotten it by do you like living in Illinois? take care and have a wonderful day tomorrow.;)

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Isn't Christmas wonderful so many Blessings come our way. I'm not a TV person but looks like you will have the pleasure of having a very nice one to watch. What a great gift for the new place!!
Glad you enjoyed the Christmas pics...we did have a wonderful time together.
Now its time for me to go start the heater in the shop and park myself at my work station and start creating for Ebay..with all the creating for my family has left me with empty shelves in my ebay store...but I loved every moment of creating for them and seeing them smile and shout out on Christmas was worth the empty shelves on ebay..hehe...some times you have priorities!!
thank you for visiting my blogg come back often I will have some new gatherings posted this week.

Holiday Blessings

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Very nice TV. Love the lights! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! blessings,Kathleen

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

The slippers looked really great, Nancy!!!! You just jumped right on that, didn't you????? LOVE the TV!!!!!! In fact, I WANT the TV!!!!!

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

That looks like one of those new flat screen TV's. Nice!
I was looking at your slippers in the last post. I really like them. Wish I could make some of those. Gerry

papel1 said...

Looks like there were a lot of nice Christmas lights in the area. Well we have 2 TVS I usually watch the smaller one in the bedroom. But I sure do get tired of the commercials. Time for bed.

Anonymous said...

Nice TV and the pups look like they are being as nice as they can be.:0

Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures.