Wednesday, December 1, 2010

4 more days and counting

Finally was able to find a used couch and some chairs and even a round dining room table with 4 if we have company they will have a place to sit and when no one is here but us...the FURniture belongs to all the FUR Babies LOL...That little 1986 Ford holds more that you would think plus Billy is a GOOD packer (we have had enough experience lately) Went back to the same shop and found a few more great deals...I just couldn't pass this up..Chicken Wire in the door openings and is about 3 ft I have to figure out what to put in it besides the one S&P set of Roosters...anyone have any suggestions???
They also had this neat metal cabinet (like my Grandmother had in the 50's) It is great and no more getting on my hands and knees with a lazy Susan in bottom cabinet and hunting for things and not knowing what I have most of the time. I can just open the door and look and see it all. Have it in Master Bedroom for now (not as much room in this house so will take a while to figure out where to put things)...That will be something I will work on all winter when I feel in the mood..

I have been very busy getting ready for a craft show this Sunday and the one thing I like about this one is it is from Noon to 4 P M..easier on my back plus doesn't give customers hours or days to LOOK.
This is the one basket with packages of dog treets I made

Here is Bianca leting me put them by her to take a picture..The front of the tag on each package says..."There is nothing better than to end a bad day covered in dog slobber" ...The other side tells the ingredients I used for each batch of cookies (not the amounts..)

Boy..You sure couldn't lay that bag of Dog cookies by Maggie or Calli..they would be GONE

and if you think you are going to sort your stuff on this bed you will have to wait until I feel like getting up (Anndarie)

Calli will just SIT and look cute and pathetic while waiting her turn for one of the treats Mom made

Bianca thinks it is time to actually get to taste a cookie. I made 4 different recipes and pups will eat ANYTHING but Bianca turns her nose up when they have garlic (which is good to keep fleas off) in them..just turns her head the other way :)

Took Maggie and Calli in the Pioneer room to show them where their crate was..Ha Ha.they thought I was showing them the bed in there and would be for them...silly pups

Maggie does not want to share her new chair and lets Calli know it. It is kind of like Musical Chairs in T V room all the time...ya never know who will be laying on what and if I get up and leave the room they still think for some reason they can use my recliner for nap time.

We do have moles here (outside) and Monday Calli caught one and was jumping on it and then was picking it up and throwing it in the air but then it got away and went back underground.
We did have some mice in the basement and on back landing when we first moved in (corn fields everywhere around here) but Anndarie and Pickles have cut the population way down. I think one must have got away and went outside and told all his relatives that if they go in this house they will be dinner LOL
Guess I better get back to my crafting and marking stuff for the sale..I will post about it after I rest up next week.
I have tons of stuff for the sale and have been working on a lot of new items like rice bags and pocket warmers..fleece stockings and tons of other things....just 3 days left to get what I can done.
Then whatever is left will go in a shop near us and keeping my fingers crossed that I do well in there. I have a big family and make a lot of my gifts so I will be busy with that also.
I will not put the tree up until Nellie gets here so she can help. Supposed to snow tomorrow so maybe I can get a lot more finished.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad your home is coming along and that you were able to find furniture..I love the metal cabinet and love that little wooden one with the chicken wire..I say just decorate with all your little salt and pepper shakers or the small things you collect...have a wonderful day of crafting..and give all of your fur babies a love for me..

basketsbyrose said...

Glad your new home is coming a long. Love the metal cabinet, brings back memories! Best of luck at your show, sell out!

Dani said...

Can't believe how big your pups got...they are sure handsome the cabinets, I need something like that large one for all our canned goods...and the little wooden one is darling...think I'd paint it darker and put in some of my little mice, LOL..mouse house? anyway, glad you're getting moved in and settling things..

nancy huggins said...

Thank you Dani for that know how much I like my mice..I am not sure what color to go with and was even thinking about a crackle finish...Maybe a dark green but not sure...any thoughts. I will work a little on it next week :)

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

So glad you are settling in. As always, your critters are adorable! blessings,Kathleen