Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get me out of here

My Pups are so confused and not knowing what is going on that they are being very naughty...especially Maggie. I caught her on the bed with my new shoes yesterday and I guess she thought I wanted toeless shoes so looks like I will be going to WM (only place there is to go) and buying new shoes today. The cats are staying close and I think they do know what is going on and they are making sure they get to go with This will be my NEW kitchen and it will be the first room of boxes that I will unpack
Billy will love having his tools in this garage plus we no longer have to leave our car or truck outside. We have to move our vehicles twice a day here so the heat doesn't make the paint blister. It is already blistering the pick up and the topper

This is how the shed looked last week before we sold it

This is some of the bins that Billy is taking to storage and he will have to come back down as soon as we can afford it and rent ANOTHER TRUCK to move the items that we have to leave behind

This is an opps..I put this picture in twice and don't know how to delete it without messing up this post

This is some of our yard stuff and will load as much as we can in pick up that will be hauled on a car carrier behind U Haul...the rest will get left behind for next trip. It isn't as important since we will not need most of it until next spring when we get ready to plant a garden and maybe plant some Flowers
This is the shed leaving with it's new owners..The nicest people I have met in the 16 months we have been here. Thank you Angie for all the hints on taking care of my pups and dogs down here. Wish I could have met you a year ago....Maybe Maggie wouldn't have ended up with heartworm

This is a neighbors dog (Oreo) that lives kitty corner from us and every time it rains or Thunders he comes and sleeps on our porch or car port. I will think about him and wonder if he is O K after we are gone

This is the spider (was much bigger when alive) that was running around in the bed room and jumped on Billy twice and then went under the dresser..I got a flash light and a can of bug killer and we were able to kill it..But the next morning he found one on kitchen counter that he said even scared him..By By spider..not going to miss you or any of your relatives

Then in the bed room that we have the litter box in the adjoining bathroom I saw this what I thought was a clump of fur until Billy picked it up..Thank you sweet kitties for killing this rodent. I opened the side door off of the den to call out to Billy and a BIG RAT ran across in front of the door..Guess they call him a wood rat down here. I don't care what they are called..A RAT is a RAT and I do not like them

Poor little tree frogs are everywhere and even though I am not afraid of them I do NOT like them in the house either. Had one jump in the bath tub a few months ago and had about 4" of scalding HOT water in there and of course he died as soon as he hit the water. I had bubble bath in the tub and finished filling it and when I got in he was in there under the bubbles. NO..I do not like dead frogs in the tub with me either
Every night when I would come in here to go on computer I would see the frogs hanging on the window as soon as it got dark..Not gonna miss that either

Then of course I am sure some of you remember all the work we did and spent over $400.00 planting a garden and thinking about stocking up for the winter only to learn that the so called Wood Rats..ruined the whole thing. I will plant next year in black soil and will put a small fence around our garden to keep the rabbits out and maybe even a few deer....but at least I will know what I am doing and actually have something to put up for the winter
And to top it all off I have been going round and round for over a month with U Haul and all their screw ups. Reserved a truck to be picked up in Monroeville and they are making us drive over 30 miles to Evergreen..Their reason they said is because they just don't have that many trucks coming down to this area...and the thoughts of having to rent another one from them when Billy comes to get the rest of our stuff gives me a big headache. He will not have transporation to go 30 miles the next time.
I will put a new post in my blog when computer gets hooked back up and show some new pictures and will have a better story to tell.
I do have to approve all comments in here but will only have access for the rest of today..all other comments will come to me in an email which I will approve when computer is back up and working.
I would love to see a lot of comments from all my friends when I have it back up..It will be a nice surprize...Please say a prayer or 2 for us to have a safe journey and will see ya all again from IL..

Maggie is so upset that she ripped the sheet up that I put on the recliner to keep her from ripping the arms of the recliner. They have been very very naughty for a week now and I am sure it is because she is so confused..Her and Calli both are. I and they will be very happy when we get this move over with and we put up a nice fence for them.


Carmen C. said...

Your all in my thoughts and prayers Nancy for a safe trip and an uneventful move! I know this has been a long time coming for you sweetie and I'm sure the dogs will settle down once they get settled into their new home:) Better days ahead ((HUGS)) Carmen

nancy huggins said...

The truck place isn't answering the phone so must be closed today but the dealer we are supposed to pick the car hauler up from said he hates to rent it to us to go that far becaus it is in very bad shape. Will call dealer with truck tomorrow morning and see if by chance they have one..This is all making me very nervous since I will be following Billy behind the trailer with our pick up on it

Debra said...

Hi Nancy! I will be thinking aboutyou on your trip- looking forward to hearing form you when you get to Illinois!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Your pets will have an adjustment period. That is to be expected but they will settle in and love having a whole yard to roam in. I know you will love this move. I can't wait to see pictures and hear stories about your new life. I will pray for your safe travel and better luck for Billy making the second trip.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

our babies know when something is up..and your puppies are very intuative...and those spiders are disgusting and the poor frogs..but I wouldn't want them in my house either..I wish you a safe journey to your new home..can't wait to see all of your goodies on your new home and kitchen.:) happy trails.:)

nancy huggins said...

I may not be able to approve any more comments ..depending on what time they pull the plug Monday. Will be a hectic and busy day none the less. Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. You will know when computer is back up as I will be leaving a post as soon as it is :)

Anonymous said...

Be safe and I hope you have an uneventful move. Enjoy the trip! Hope everyone gets settled in nicely once you get there. Hugs...prayers going up for a successful move.

Lynn S. said...

Nancy, you and Billy will be in my thoughts & prayers as you move from Alabama back to Illinois. From your Texas friend.

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Have a safe trip Nancy and enjoy your new home! blessings,Kathleen

DragonflyzDreams said...

Your post is so funny and horrifying also! That rodent, YUK! But I love the tree frogs, never in the house here, but always on the doors,windows and siding of the house. I never spray for bugs because of them.

Hugs, Cyndi