Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As most of you know..I Love animals and after raising 8 sons and 1 Daughter I thought it would be a great idea to have pets that were actually mine and not just taking care of the kids pets.
So when we retired I decided I wanted an American Eskimo so we got Bianca..then realized that she really needed a pal and along came Annie. Look how sweet and innocent they look when waiting for a special treat.That is Bianca on the right and she just turned 7 and Annie is on the left and she will be 7 in Jan, They were pretty good little girls until we moved them down South and then.... Billy almost always takes them in the car or truck with him and the one day he stopped to visit a friend Bianca thought it would be fun to go and roll in Cow do do...when she got home she did get a bath OUTSIDE
I guess Annie didn't want Bianca to out do her so another time when he went to visit someone she thought it would be fun to roll in the red dirt..another outside bath

Then for some reason I thought it would be nice to have some dogs that would make good watch dogs (or at least let people think they were and along came Maggie and Calli...aren't they the sweetest looking cute little pups???

Sometimes I think I have an 8 legged 2 headed dog..They can not stand to be seperated

They have all now taken over the house. This furniture now belongs to everything that has FUR.We do ask them very nice to please let us sit in our chair and they very slowly get down and let us sit...but if you get up to get a drink or go to the bathroom.....

you may need to very nicely have to ask them again (Why do they always make me feel soooo guilty) It is my chair
Then when we first retired in 2003 we moved to central IL and there was a lot of corn fields all around us and a friend suggested that maybe we should get some cats..so we adopted 2 farel cats (and I had never heard of farel cats..no big deal) But just take a look at how Anndarie has even laid claim to my sewing area..I of course have to very nicely explain to her that this is MY area of the house

No big deal..She found one of my vintage Doll Cribs to call her own..but she is a good mouser and is finally getting friendly (after about 7 years) I didn't know that much about farel cats but I did learn

They do have a mind of their own and it is just easier to give in and go on with my daily life. Pickles has claimed a few things to call hers and I really don't mind that she chose a big basket to lay in insted of all the beds I have made for her

And she is making sure that when we get ready to load all these boxes in the truck to move that she will get to go with. Anndarie goes all the way to the top of the stack up near the ceiling so she can be on the look out for when we get ready to load up.

My Daughter came to stay with us for about 6 weeks while waiting for her apt to be available and she had her 4 cats. Well "Fatty" just kept hanging around me and I felt sorry for him and told Nellie she could leave him with us..What was I thinking..he is a big beggar and loves Tuna and I think he is close to 20 years old but is still able to climb up on anything and hiss at anything or anybody that gets in his way

I am sure you all know the story about "Mia" He will need a shot every night for the rest ofhis life and the story about him is on my right side bar..You can click on her picture for the whole story.

Mia has a new spot sh likes to go now so of course Nellie has to keep it open for her :)

And here is Lucky..the stray cat that kept following Nellie around at the fair grounds and when she got home she got in her car and went back to find him..he now has his forever home with Nellie (I'm sure you can figure out where the name "Lucky" came from

My #7 son has a new little puppy and it is the sweetest looking little pup..Her name is Ruffles

She rode in my son's semi for a while but he finally took her back home to be with her Mom and their other 2 dogs..She is looking out the window of the semi in this pic

My Grandaughter Ashley (who will be 20 on Oct 1st..my how time flies) worked as a voulanteer at a shelter and fell in love with this little dog. When the took him to petco for their sale she asked her parents if she could adopt him and they said YES. She is thrilled with her new little weiner dog and has named him Oscar...isn't that a cute name for a weiner dog?

Oscar is about 6 months old and still going through the puppy stage

Isn't he cute in his new sweater...He will need it this winter up North

He also requires some chews to help him have something to chew on while going through the puppy stage :)

This is my grandson Gregs new Dog and her name on her papers is Cassandra but they call her K C and I think she likes to play with their kitty

Isn't that a sweet little innocent face on K C..she is a full blooded Cocker Spaniel

Then my #8 son Scott has 3 dogs now and yes...they are spoiled and he even has a sign letting everyone know it

Keaira used to come and spend the week ends with us sometimes when they couldn't take her with somewhere

But I think she is trying to make a statement here that they are not allowed to go off again without her :)

Keaira needed a friend so along came Buffy. How can you look at a pup this cute for sale in a cage and not want to take her home with you...she also used to come to our house to spend a few days and would eat every rawhide chew she could find..and if she was to full to eat it she guarded it so no one else could have it

Buffy loves to go to the groomer and come home looking pretty and smelling good

Then another trip to the doggie for sale store got Bear a new home..He is a Labradoodle and is still a pup buy is really growing fast..How sweet and innocent they can look huh?

I made Scott a small quilt to cover up with on the couch and after he took Bear to the groomer and had his hair cut real short Bear worked very hard to drag this quilt upstairs and put it in his crate..Now he can stay warmer without all his hair gone :)

This is Ava and she is #3 sons pride and Joy and she loves to ride in his semi...Jim had surgery and has been out of work for a while and Ava is anxious for him to get that semi back on the road

She is definately a Daddys girl :)

She is waiting in the semi and wants to hurry up and get back on the road

And here is a very special dog that some of you may have read about in my blog...His name is Carlie and he saved his Mom from having surgery..You can look in my older posts for the heartwarming about sweet little Carlie..He was definately sent to Gayle for a good reason and now he also has his forever home


Debra said...

Oh My gosh Nancy- thank you for all of those wonderful pet photos!
Where did you find your house at- what town?

Jim said...

You are the Blog queen mom! Nice article about the pets. I liked the pics of your labs. Ava does the same thing, when I get out of a chair, or out of bed...she's right there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nancy, pets are nice and always give unconditional love. Carlie is no exception. He's always with me and loves going for walks. He has no idea he is helping me continue to have enough blood circulation in my legs to avoid bypass surgery. Thanks for including Carlie in you post. Gayle

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

loved reading about these adorable animals and their parents.:) wow 9 kids..you go girlfriend.:)

Carmen C. said...

Nancy, they are all just precious! I often wonder what life is like for those without pets and i can imagine it is lonely, they are such a joy to have around!!!

nancy huggins said...

You are right Carmen..That is why so many seniors have a cat or dog They are always happy to see you and they never have a bad day like humans. I always look forward to having them come running to greet me when I get up in the morning and I think Calli smiles at me. They act like you have been gone for a week. My pets are very special to me so if you don't like dogs you better not come to visit me. They will get off the furniture to let you sit down though :)

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Nancy, What a good pet mom you are. Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous pictures.

nancy huggins said...
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OldeAnniePrimitives said...

What a wonderful post, Nancy! And love all the pics. Any cat or dog would be darn lucky to have you as a mommy! ~~Annie

Cave Creek Studio said...

Loved seeing all the fur people. We have 4 dogs and 7 cats - and yes, you can snag the kitty photo on my blog. Thanks for stopping by - led me to your blog and all these great pet pics.

KKL Primitives said...

Enjoyed your post Nancy. Beautiful animals!
Who takes care of the dogs and cats for you when you go on vacation?

nancy huggins said...

Cats are easy to take care of..Just food and water and empty litter box..Annie is on meds twice a day for epilepsy..Bianca is strong headed and doesn't always listen when you call her. I am sure pups would get loose and take off so we either take them with or take turns going somewhere but I might check with the vet to see how much he would charge me to board the pups and since they stick together like glue I would want them both in the same pen and that Is what I would have to do if we went to visit my daughter in Chicago since she lives in apt on 3rd floor...but would take Bianca and Annie with and when we get moved she will only be 210 miles North of us.
When you have pets you do have that responsibility (just like when you have kids) :)

ByLightOfMoon said...

Isn;t it fun to have rescue pets that needed a good home and seem to have found just the RIGHT place?
Little kitty "Lily" know loves to play in the Taco dozen box we got. I know not to toss it in recycle bin as the shelter said to save shoe boxes for them when we took our old RX bottles to them.

They all grow up so fast! Our last golden retrievers were a week apart in age and current ones are a year apart so all is well. They also love getting where we are to be, but I make them move usually and they do. They just love to be where we are , don't they!
Keep all happy and healthy as you can.
Smiles, Cyndi

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Just loved reading about all of your special fur clothed creatures!So cute! blessings,Kathleen

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Bless your heart lil lady:) How fortunate that you and your pets found each other. Looks like your kids are pet lovers too. It's so neat they each have their own unique looks and personalities. They give so much to us.
You must be so excited about your move. I hope everything goes smooth for you all.

papel1 said...

You write wonderful blogs and take the time to take so many photos and upload them. My attention span when writing for my blog is short!
When you relocate there will be new stories.

nancy huggins said...

Yes I do take a long time to post in my blog..This one took a whole day..Had to keep getting up from the computer and taking a break plus waiting for pictures from some of the kids and then uploading them
I will be doing a new post this Sunday and then computer will come down on Monday..but I will have more interesting things to blog about once we are moved :)