Saturday, June 12, 2010


June 12th 2009 and we finally arrived at our Forever Home and got a real last name..We are now Maggie Mae Huggins and Calli Fae Huggins. Dad told Mom that no way was that our last name but Mom has proof that it is because it says so right on our papers at the Vet.
Mon decided that if she moved in the country that she wanted to get a big dog for a watch dog. Well ...Mom and Dad got here on the 3rd of June and shortly after that Mom saw this ad in the paper for FREE mixed Lab puppies. Mom called the man and they agreed to meet at a near by parking lot and she already had the name Maggie Mae picked (cause she loves Rod Stewart) and they almost changed their minds and then Dad said ..Lets go look.
So Mom picked Maggie and Callie was laying on the floor on top of some other puppies and looked so scared and she was the only brown dog (color of her Shepard Dad) and Dad said lets take her too.
But they told the man that he would have to hold the puppies until they got moved in and had a fence up
On June 12th when Mom sent the man a text saying the fence was up he said he would bring the Pups on his lunch hour. He was carrying a pup on each arm and put us inside the fence (I would like to see him do that now LOL)
Dad thought Maggie should have a playmate since we were supposed to be outside dogs.
It took them a while to pick the name "Calli Fae" But the name suites me just fine. Well as everyone knows we weren't outside dogs for very long..It was kind of isolated out in front..we kept stepping in our water and bugs were flying around our eyes a drug us in the house by our collar and we were scared at first...we had never been inside a house
Mom fixed us a box and put a t-shirt in it for us to lay on but Maggie liked playing with it We didn't like being inside that fence but Mom knows what is best for us and didn't want us to take off (and we did try that a couple of times) she was afraid we would get run over or bit by a poison snake...we got caught every time we got out and we got yelled at...but it didn't stop us from trying again

We just kept trying to figure out a way to get out so we could be by Mom and Dad

Dad would take us out sometimes and hold us on his lap and pet us and we liked that but....then he kept putting us back inside that fence out in front.

Mom and Dad always buy us some rawhide chews and other treats when they go to the store for groceries...That is our favorite treat. Mom likes to buy us squeaky toys but Maggie (she is naughty a LOT) and she tears them up and then Mom throws them in the Garbage.

Guess this is our forever home and we wouldn't want to live anywhere else (Most Mom and Dads would have took us away by now cause we are so naughty some times

How can you not love anything with such sweet little faces.

I thought this was a good way to stay cooled off but it didn't make Mom happy...she doesn't like us drinking dirty water that might even have bugs in it.

Then Dad moved the fence over by the side of the carport so we could see them when they came outside. I tried to show Maggie how to climb over but she just didn't get it.

Here is how you do it Maggie...Just stand up and climb up the fence.

They also bought us a pool but they had these big water things and it was a great way to stay cooled off.

Doesn't Maggie look Dopey sitting in there :)

This was the bigger pool they got us and we could both go in it at the same time. We kind of beat it up and wrecked it so no more pool for us now and Mom doesn't really want us playing in the water anymore because of mosquitoes and that is how Maggie got heart worms and it is costing Mom and Dad a heap of money now for vet bills.

We are sisters and our hearts belong to each other...We do NOT like to be seperated for even 10 minutes.

We still stick together and sleep together most of the time.
At night Mom quit making us go in our crate cause we are getting better behaved. I sleep on top of the bed by Mom and Maggie likes to sleep under the bed (and then she passes gas and it is sooo gross)!

We still like to get in Dads lap and he brushes us and massages us a lot but I think his lap shrunk (or maybe we are just getting to big)!

It sure was fun chasing a toad all around this log and watching him hop..Never did catch him though.

This is Nellie's OLD cat "Fatty" and he lives here but we get along with him O K..He just hisses a lot but he can't hurt us.

This is Pickles and she doesn't really like us and she growls and smacks us when she can.

This is Anndarie and she just looks so sweet but she waits for us to walk near her and she smacks us too.

This is one of out big messes that made Mom very mad at us so she must really love us cause we are still here :)

This is our other sisters that are a lot older than us and everyone always says how pretty they are and how sweet they are BUT...

This is sweet little Bianca after she rolled in manure and Mom made Dad give her a bath outside.

And this is sweet little Annie after she dug in the red dirt and then she had to have a bath.

Callie was soooo sad when Maggie was staying at Vets office for her treatments for 2 days..She missed her sister a lot and just laid around and slept a lot.

This is one of the times Mom got to take our picture when we were being good little pups.

We look like a big Dog but actually our brain still functions like a puppy and they told Mom in 1 more year we would really be GOOD Dogs...We are just happy to have our forever home with the best Mom and Dad there is.

It has been a long year and a lot has happened and Mom and Dad are trying to save up to take us all to a new more snakes and maybe Annie won't have so many seizures and the vet told them that this heat will shorten Bianca and Annies life since they Are AMERICAN ESKIMOS.

I cant wait to see our next home and I bet it will have a high fence (or Dad and my Brothers can build one) and then we can run and play and no more 30 feet of room to try and play. Uh oh..I just heard Dad tell Mom he had to go out and fill in the holes we dug..He is upset because he just filled them yesterday so I guess...we better lay low and stay close to Mom until he cools down. That might take a while cause it is really H O T out there today!


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I loved this story. They really are sweet dogs, aren't they? We love our dachshunds so much. I don't know what I will do when their ends come---come unglued, I guess..... Sweet story. Thanx for sharing. ★Linda ★

Carmen C. said...

How sweet they are and lucky to have such a loving home! What a creative mess they made too with the shredded papers, LOL, my shepherd loves to shred up papers, I always give her the *junk* mail:)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh your babies are beautiful and so loved...loved their story..and loved the ripped up papers old rotty did that once for me..with old newspapers for the wood stove...have a great rest of your weekend.:)

nancy huggins said...

That was my expensive craft magazines they tore up..thhere has been MANY more things they have chewed including 2 pairs of my shoes and 1 pair of Billys and when I made 6 stuffed green peppers and had them on the counter to cool off Maggie ate them and a few months back she ate almost all of 3 meat loves..But it is true..I really do love them and just keep saying some day they could save my life :)

Laura Frantz said...

So sweet! The pics are beautiful. Gave me a lift just looking at them. Can tell they are loved! Bless you all!

nancy huggins said...

yes..I love them all and they depend on us even more than one of our Children. I do have extra patience with Maggie and I remember how sore she was after her treatments for heart worm and I actually missed her being naughty when she wasn't able to be...but I will also be happy when she isn't quite as naughty and can trust her alone in a room more often :)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Happy Anniversary Kids! Kes sends her love. Have a great day and hugs to your mama, too!

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

What wonderful photos, Nancy! And I love your "narrating". Those pups are so lucky to have such a wonderful "mom"! Love your kitties, too! ~~Annie

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

What beautiful furbabies and they are so lucky to have a good home! I am sending you an email about Prim Pals...hopefully it will help you figure it out!

ByLightOfMoon said...

Happy Belated Birthday Pups and I adore the timeline breakdown. Our Two Rescue Goldens are doing the same things but we do have a higher fence that cannot get our of but, it is too hot outside for them and they crew up my bushes when and plants.

But, like you say, we love them and forgive and try harden to tell ourselves they are puppies and will outgrow maybe, we hope?

They are both darling puppy dogs and will bring much joy to your heart!
And, by the way, your older white dogs are beautiful as well as your kitties!

Smiles, Cyndi

Dani said...

darling story, glad I was able to get through..its rough only having a short computer time made my day!

rockriverstitches said...

Nancy, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Loved your little story about your dogs. They are just adorable!


Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

How wonderful this post was to read! Just love all of your sweet pets! blessings,Kathleen