Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Land of Lincoln Moving Sale

O K ..I am having another sale and this is a combination sale since we now have the vet bill down to $271.00 but that will be paid off in 2 months and now the struggle is to save up to move back to the Land of Lincoln. The plans are to be ready to move by the end of October so the roads won't be bad between here and there.

I need to save up $800.00 for the truck and gas to go 500 miles

Annie misses the snow but we won't get as much in central IL and we did in Northern IL but it won't be as hot as it is here The pups are sticking close now that they see boxes being packed and they want to make sure they don't get left behind

Bianca and Annie are on guard also and making sure no one leaves without them

Maybe we can find a house like this and if it doesn't have a fence it won't be to hard to put one up big enough for 4 dogs to run and play

Now if by chance win the PCH sweepstakes this would be my idea of home sweet home

I really would not want to have to move like they did 100 years ago

So the plans are to rent a U Haul and haul the pick up behind it.

So....Here is what I am planning that will be a great way to say thanks to all my friends that would like to help me raise the funds to help with our move.
I am giving 15% off everything in my selling blog except for the hand made soap (it is already marked as low as I can go)
If you spend $10.00 or more you will receive a small thank you gift and your name will go in a drawing for a hand made tea towel with soap that matches.
I will be posting pictures in the next few days on the side bar of the Towel.
This sale will end on July 7th as I will be holding a Craft Sale in my home starting on the 8th and hoping that a lot of items will sell...and when they are gone...they are gone as most of my items are One of a Kind.
It always makes my day when I read comments from all of you


OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Hi Nancy...best of luck to you on your sale! I'll head over and see what you might have that I can't live without! Hope you make it back to Land of Lincoln! I may even get to meet you if you're back there! ~~Annie (not the dog!)

DeeDee said...

Hey are you talking Lincoln Nebraska? I am from Sioux City , Ia....and my girl lives in Lincoln..I could come meet you on my next trip thru....I want to live in Lincoln...hehehe!

nancy huggins said...

I meant "Land of Lincoln" Illinois

basketsbyrose said...

Wishing you the best of luck moving back to the Land of Lincoln!