Friday, June 25, 2010

We are Very Upset with MOM

Hi..This is Calli here and just wanted to tell you about why we are so Upset with MOM..This is my sister Maggie pretending she is tired and just laying down like a good Dog.....She is really pretty Naughty every day and sometimes she even gets me in trouble...she is just resting up now to do something naughty because Mom forced her into the tub and she got the first bath Last night Mom Forced all 4 of us to get in a bath tub full of warm water (one at a time of course) . I don't know what her problem is..we were fine just the way we were
Maggie is so jealous because it is my turn for our sweet Dad to dry us and give us a nice massage..and there is Maggie biting my ear

She is waiting for me to move away from Dad so he can brush her....she LOVES to be brushed and she sure is shedding (well I am too a little...but not like Maggie is)

Mom missed a spot on my tail but I would rather lick it off than get back in that tub

So what if I am kind of wet and sitting in Dads recliner...he won't care

Annie is my step sister (and so is Bianca..they were her first and they are over 6 years old now) and she is kind of special because she has epilepsy and she does keep me and Maggie in our place..when she growls...we listen

She thinks this bath idea was a bad idea too but she was starting to look a little yellow..and she is supposed to be white...she will look a lot better when she drys all the way.

Bianca is getting as far away from Mom as she can...I guess if Dad wants to dry her off he will just have to reach behind him. I don't know how she can lay up there without falling off but she does that a lot

Can you tell she is really ticked at Mom.. she wouldn't even look at Mom so she could take a picture. She knew Mom was filling the tub and she tried to hide under the end table and I heard her growl and bark at Mom when she pulled her out...Ha Ha only weigh about 19 pounds and are easy for Mom to carry into the bathroom.
Well it was a lot of work for Mom to give us all a bath and she did have 13 wet towels plus she gave us each a treat so I guess we will try and forgive long as she doesn't get that idea again real soon.
We thought it was O K to smell like a dirty old Dog...she didn't and I even heard her tell Dad that we still smelled like a Dog and she is going to buy some Dog cologne when she goes to the store again.
None of us are looking forward to that but she is the boss and we have to obey her rules even if we don't like them.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

our dog Tucker hates bath time too...he whines the whole time...but he doesn't mind being blown dry..and brushed out..:) go figure...have a wonderful weekend.;)

Carmen C. said...

LOL, now don't be TOO mad at mama, everydog needs a bath now and then and you're so nice & clean now, maybe you'll get more lovin' and treats:D