Thursday, February 18, 2010


Maggie and Calli waiting for their treat a few weeks ago...Can't wait until they are back to their old selves again even though they do get into a lot of trouble. We took them to the BEST VET ever yesterday to get Spayed and all their shots and whatever else they needed.
It was a 1 1/2 hour ride but well worth the trip. While they were there we thought we would ride around and check out some other towns. I was in a WM and got the dreaded call from Dr Jones saying Maggie was positive for Heart worm. We decided to go ahead with the treatments because I can't imagine life without my pups.
She had to stay overnight so Calli stayed too since they are soooo close and would be very upset without each other.
The card I used to pay the vet bill was declined (another long story) so I am now going to work very hard to do whatever it takes to pay the wonderful man that is saving Maggies life. To do that I am having a sale in my selling blog with 10% off until the end of March. I will be listing items every day as long as I can sit at my computer and list.
All proceeds will go to pay for the care that was given to my pups. I will combine shipping and hope you all will see something that you can't live without.
I will be making more soap and a few other items as soon as I can and don't forget to check out my yard sale link starting Sunday which is the day my pups will be 10 months old. It seems like I have had them forever even though it has only been 9 months and they have changed so much and learned so much...I sure will be glad when they outgrow the chewing everything (mostly Maggie) but she is still a sweetheart and they have different personalities which make life interesting.
If you live anywhere is S AL you definately need to take your pet to Jones Veterinary Hospital in Andalusia,AL
Calli chilling out after her 2 days at the Vet

Calli is home and trying to enjoy her rawhide chew

Maggie is home and taking a rest after 2 days at the vet

Maggie is home and trying to get a little fresh air

They like the cozy bed too

They LOVE taking a nap on the furniture too

Not this little anymore but sure was a cute curious Puppy

They sure do sleep in some weird positions

But thery hated having a fence and even figured a way to escape

They have 2 pools and Calli liked the smaller one the most but I don't think she will fit in there this summer :)

It was always fun to watch them play in their Pool...they were only about 3 months old here

Calli and Maggie Love each other so much they cry when they are seperated
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Lynn S. said...

So sorry to hear about Maggie. I will be visiting your other blog tonight.

nancy huggins said...

Thank you Lynn..every little bit of marketing my blog helps :)

Debra said...

Oh Nancy! I am so glad you found a good vet and you were able to get her treated- they are such sweet looking girls! I know you love them!!
The bill will get paid some how- try not to stress over it.

Dani said...

I just blogged about it and hope you get more sales...having a sick pet and vet bills..been there and done that...

nancy huggins said...

Thank you Dani..I just listed 2 quilts that I bought to cut up and make jackets and some of my photo albums and will just keep posting as long as I can sit at computer...They are soooo quiet now and not like their old selves...I actually miss them getting into things and will almost be happy when they are back at it

nancy huggins said...

Trying not to stress to much Deb..Might try and have a yard sale next week if it doesn't rain.
I am sure everything will be O K...The Lord will provide...he always does help us in a way we never expected :)

Carmen C. said...

I put up a link to your selling blog on my blog sweetie, I hope you can sell enough to cover costs and hope miss Maggie gets well soon, heartworm is no fun:(

nancy huggins said...

Thank you Carmen...Maybe I am just a big softie but I think I worry more about my pups than I did my kids...Maybe because they can't talk or maybe because I am getting older :)
My kids were actually very healthy but did have quite a few incidents with getting hurt etc...but when they were hurt I KNEW IT :)
They are doing a little better and starting to follow me around some and almost made me happy when Maggie was being naughty and trying to sneak a little piece of fabric out of a box :)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Nancy...first off...THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG! I enjoy new followers!
I just joined yours too!

Your little furbabies are darling and I'm so sad to hear about Maggies Heart Worm sad....but hopefully she will be treated to a complete recovery.
Hugs, Karen

nancy huggins said...

I was told by a friend that it will shorten her life but then another friend had the treatments for her dog when it was 4 and it is now I am sure she will be O K after she gets the second treatment but it will make her very sick....yhat will bother me but at least she will live :)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Poor Maggie!!!!! I'm just so glad that she is under great care by a good vet! That will help YOU not to worry so much! I know how much your babies mean to you, Nancy, but she will get through this, and it will all be over with soon. I loved all the pictures, and she will be back playing in those pools in no time! Meantime, give them ALL a hug from me!

nancy huggins said...

Thanks Cora..I talked to vet today and he said the treatments are painful and could cause her to die but since she is so young and healthy he thinks she will be O K...Bu I still worry about her. I watch her playing with Calli and it makes me feel bad to know that she won't be able to do that for a while after the treatment :(
I will keep you all informed