Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lots of Giveaways

I will be hosting a give away in my blog from now until Jan 21st..It will be for one of my hand made accent pillows and I will post a picture of it on the 20th.

There are quite a few give aways and if you look on the left side you will see some very talented crafters with some very awesome give aways also..So just leave a comment in this blog and if you are a follower that is a second chance...if you sign up to be a follower that will also be a second chance...NOW..if you would like a 3rd chance just put me on your blog roll and then let me know..You must let me know in a post if you are a follower and if I am in your blog roll.

Would also like to share a picture of my latest creation..a cute Little Clothes Pin Bag that looks like an Infants look at it you can go to my selling blog and check it out...It is in the Other items link and while you are there check out some of my other items.

I am having a special on some (mentioned in my last post) and it will be over soon.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I would love to hear from you about what you are doing now and how you are handling this cold weather :)


Carmen C. said...

Hi Nancy~ that dress-bag is too cute, you are very talented! We are warmed up into the upper 30's for a few days here in PA...heat wave;)

Laura Frantz said...

Nancy, You make the sweetest things! So original and creative and beautiful. We are having tons of rain here - sounds like hammers on the roof - and it's in the 40's. Last year we had 2 ft of snow. Bless you and Billy!

Willow said...

Hi Nancy,
I'd love to enter your giveaway. I'm a follower and I will add your giveaway to my blog tonight. Can I use the pic of you in your buggy to advertise your giveaway ?
You are in my blog roll as well. I loveeeee that clothes pin bag ! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start.
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Dani said...

sorry i didn't sign up sooner...guess we're floating away here with all the rain..anyway...I will be sure to mention your giveaway on my blog too