Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soap Update

First of all I would like to tell the weight at my birth,,,,I weighed 10 pounds so whoever guessed 10# won the guess.

As I have said before I had an order for a Lady in the health field (does screenings..flu and other shots..weight loss and walking program etc etc etc..)
Well she is packaging the little soap petals as a give away at a Health Fair in her Booth.

She sent me a picture tonight of how she packaged them and in case you can't see it real good here is what she did.

She has put 5 soap petals in each little plastic zip lock package and then has a label on the front with her contact info and the label is taped over a real pretty sheer pink ribbon. Then on the back she has contact information for me if anyone wants to order some for them self or their business.

They look so pretty in the little pocket /purse size bags...I sell them 5 petals for $1.00 (and you can wash your hands 3 or 4 times with each soap petal if you choose to).

I will only take orders for 25 of 1 scent ($5.00 + Ship) and for each 25 someone orders they can pick a scent up to 6 scents and of course I do take special orders.

I will be taking a 90 mile 1 way trip soon for more supplies..I do enjoy making soap even though it is a lot of work...I love smelling the new scent with each batch and am now working on a way to make the petals dipped into some of my favorite Prim soap.
Don't these just look so pretty?? And they smell soooooo gooood


Dani said...

I am so glad things are looking up with the soap....the packaging is great!

nancy huggins said...

I will be doing a give away in my blog come back often :)