Sunday, May 17, 2009


Loaded our Pick up Truck and took to #6 son (Mark) and he will be driving it to AL for us. He needed a way to go down to pick up his Father and will also be helping us by driving it since then we will just have to drive about 70 miles once we are moved and bring it home.
There were a few repairs that truck needed (belts steering etc) and he will be fixing that before he leavs and that is another burden off my mind. Aren't kids the best thing ever sometimes.
Tomorrow we get to go out and organize the garage and get it stacked neat for the movers. Then it will be like a race to get the rest of the house packed up. Truck will be here the 29th or 30th and I will know the exact date and time on the 22nd.
The retirement party for Billy will be on the 24th and that will be his last visit to his job (or so he says)
We are kind of in a hurry to get this move over with and kind of sad to leave some of the kids and be that far may take a while to adjust to that.
I did pick up the pills for the cats to keep them calm on the long ride...Dogs love riding and also stopping for breaks and sniffing every blade of grass where ever we stop before they decide to use the bathroom.
It will be a very long and tiring ride and I may have to take a lot of breaks after it is over with.
Annie goes to vet for a blood test for the levels for her epilepsey meds.
Seems like the days are getting shorter insted of longer these past few weeks.

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