Monday, May 18, 2009


Hi..My name is Duchess Annie but I answer to "Annie".
I have a great Mom and Dad..they are humans and they love me a lot and they spoil me too.
They don't know how I lived during my first 3 months (that is how old I was when they adopted me) but they suspect that I was kept outside a lot and not fed very often because when they call me to go out and use the bathroom I always run over and scarf my food real fast.
I am kind of overweight so they took the bowl of food and put it up on the counter. They are only letting me eat twice a day because I am overweight.
They weighed me today when I went to the Vet and I weighed 26# 7 oz. Since I am considered a Minerature American Eskimo I am supposed to weigh about 20#.
My sister "Bianca" only weighs 17# but I think that is because she is such a spaz..she is always barking at something.especially our cats..she does not like Cats and 3 of them live at my house. Bianca also hates Squirrels and chases them and barks at them and chases them.
Bianca is kind of the Hot Shot Boss of the pets so I only bark if she does. She is 4 months older than me.
My Mom and Dad think it is great that I NEVER went pody on the floor (Neither did Bianca but she was trained to go on newspaper)
I am the loveable one and love everyone that comes in and if they sit down I love to jump up in theri lap (some people actually think Dogs shouldn't be allowed to do that..boy are they dumb...I wonder how they would like to be a dog and just have to stay on the floor all the time.)
I had to go to the vet today for blood tests because I have epilepsey (Mom and Dad must REALLY love me to put out that much money)
I heard Mom tell Dad that she could just put it on her Credit Card...whatever that means.
They wanted to put a muzzle on me but Dad said NO WAY. The Vet told him that he got the 1 out of 10 American Eskimos that don't bite.
Well if I was a vicious dog (or my sister was) I would have bit him after he had to keep sticking that needle in my legs and my neck to try and get some blood..He stuck me at least 5 times and if you look at my picture you will see the Pink bandage on my leg...I was very scared and that needle hurt.
I guess it is for my own good though so I won't have so many seizures...Mom found some herbs that helped and didn't like me taking drugs and took me off the fenebarbathol (or how ever you spell it)
Guess I will go now..Dad is waiting for me in the kitchen mixing my herbs (we buy them from and he mixes them in Liver sausage and it does taste pretty good.
I will come back when I have time and tell you more and also some about my Sister "Bianca" ...and the 3 cats :)


papel1 said...

It sounds like you love your animals. I wonder how they will like their new home!

nancy huggins said...

I will have to trim some of their hair/fur since they do not like the heat.They LOVE to snow.
But it does get very hot and humid here...just not for as long.
I think they will like it a lot in the spring and fall and winter.
Yes I do love my girls...They are the most loyal friend I have ever had...and how could you not LOVE a face like that :)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Hi, Nancy!
That was really cute how you wrote that! And the pictures were great, too! I know you are in the middle of moving, and I hope it all goes smoothly! I know how hard it is to do all that. . . again!!!!! Let us know when you are all settled in and back up and running with the computer!