Monday, April 13, 2009


I had a great day for selling today on Cr List..sold 4 items and have another $245.00 to go in the moving account...We will be having a BIG moving sale this week end and I will have a lot of items that I will still be listing on Cr List and a lot of items I will be trying to list on here in my other blog......I still have someone that is supposed to come by to pay for some other items and also have 3 parties interested in buying my Garden Camper.
Not much else going on here except for packing and trying to get some sewing jobs finished...stay tuned for updates :)

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Grace said...

Are these products already in your possession? I'm considering going into dropshipping/reselling. Craig's List is ok, but it's very localized. Just trying to work out the logistics if I decide to sell there, instead of eBay.