Monday, March 2, 2009


This room still has a way to go plus I am working in other rooms. I know I will be happy to see the last of it go on the back of the moving truck......stay tuned for more info soon
Yes..even the stained glass windows will be going..they just pull out ..they are not permanant

I have a lot packed in this room so far...movers will carry everything down and even take beds down and put back up at new house

I have been having a hard time comming in here and posting a new post


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh boy Nancy, I am OUT of the loop -- where are you moving???!!! With all these Follower Gadgets working and then not working and disappearing I have lost track of several blogs --

I've never seen a stained glass window you can move like that, what a good idea. I would hate to leave something that pretty behind!

Dani said...

I envy your move but don't envy the work involved..phew!

Queet said...

Nancy - I want that half round table! LOL Don't sell it - I'll buy it if you don't want it. Can't wait to see you!
- Queet

nancy huggins said...

Queet..I don't know what table you and explain to me