Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was just going through my albums on here and looking at old pictures and decided I would share...I love looking at other peoples old pictures and thought some of you might enjoy these,

And this is my baby...24 years ago

My 5 oldst sons in 1967...what a difference 41 years makes..I do kind of miss having them all home and young of course...and I was a lot younger then too :)

and here I am at 35 years old in 1977 the year before I married Billy...sure wish I looked like that now. And I had 8 sons age 4 to 16..time sure does fly. Now my youngest son is 35

This is me when I was about 4. Notice the high baby type shoes...I had weak ankles and had to wear them but I guess they looked O K

Me at 9 months old...It was cold out but I guess I was dressed warm enough for Chicago weather

Trip to Chicago to visit Nellie...June of this year

My 5 youngest sons at the beach in AL...taken in 1978

Billy when he turned 38 and I made him a BD cake...and made the shirt he is wearing . It seems like it was 100 years ago
Aunt Gussie is Billys Aunt and just turned 90 last week. She still lives at the same house she has lived for over 60 years and she lives alone



Debra said...

Thanks for the trip down your memory lane- it was great!!

~SkullBlossom~ said...

Loved the "old" on the beach reminded me of when we would go to Destin each year. Seems several lifetimes ago -- now the once-large family is gone or scattered and all that is left is memories and few snapshots...enjoyed your post greatly.