Monday, May 26, 2008


I have caught Billys cold and am sneezing and coughing and using a lot of Kleenex but was able to get the top done for an I Spy Quilt for a GS for his BD..I also made a tote for someone special and will post the picture and see if they figure out who they are to receive the tote. I like this one a lot and it has 4 cute pockets on the outside and 3 (1 Is a little bigger) on the inside. Bag is actually better than what the pictures show.

If you know who you are...step forward and say your name and see if you are the one :)


Nellie Ann said...

is it for meeeeee????

nancy huggins said...

Ummmmmm O K..You can be the new owner :)
Dad said that 2 was enough totes and that you can't carry more than that..I was going to make you more...but...I guess "Father knows Best"

papel1 said...

Cute creative as ever.