Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fatty's Vet visit

Check out Mr Fatty..The spoiled Kitty that decided to stay. When Nellie came back to hang out for a few months until her move to Chicago she brought her 4 Kitties with. She was staying upstairs in my Pioneer Room. The very first day she was here Mr Handsome decided to come down and just wormed his way in to our domain..He just made himself at home and no one Bothered him and he didn't care if the Girls and the 2 Kitties of mine didn't want him down here. He decided he could use his cute little sad face to get almost anything he wanted.
First he got his very own dish..Then he got his very own Treats and even got a new collar. Well his Nana noticed he was getting kind of skinny so then it was special food ...well after 5 months of this he decided there was no way he was leaving and Nellie has 3 other Cats so he might as well take advantage of anything he could.
He loved to get up in Papa's lap because he has a warm lap...and if there was a Dog already in his lap...they could just move over.
He started getting sick a lot so yesterday he made a trip to the Vet Yesterday... Since the only thing that didn't make him sick was Tuna..the Vet thought he might have a food off to WM we went to get him some "9Lives" cat food with Tuna like the Vet said.... So far so good and now he is a Happy SPOILED Cat.
We figured he must be around 10 years old and in Human life he would be retired and in the Golden years..Just to bad he can't get a check every month to help off set all his needs (like treats...his own blankets..etc etc)
Welcome home Fatty..we didn't want another Cat..How did you convince us that you should live with us????


Nellie Ann said...

He stayed because he's handsome and sweet and he decided that he belonged with you.

Tell him hi for me and give him a big smooch!!

Dani said...

Cats can worm them way into our hearts, can't they? He is a handsome fellow and lucky to have found such a nice home with you both...he is about the same age as our Boots, Boots has taken to sitting by the keyboard while I am on the computer...he has a special spot and purrs like crazy when he hears me typing....

papel1 said...

What a cute story...I guess cats are special and finicky. We have two cats and love them both.

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Cats just know who the suckers are, don't they????? And you ARE one, Nancy! He knows which side his bread is buttered on, believe me! He is just as cute as can be!!!!! Cora