Sunday, March 30, 2008


The before pictures of my first
Humming Bird Garden

Here I sit at my computer and I am sure my feet would only register 30 degrees at best on a thermometer. Another gloomy cold day in the midwest...makes me wonder if we are ever going to see summer.

Had a nice visit with son Danny and wife Brenda today and she is always so helpful with giving her opinion on things I want to do.

I am thinking of making some canvas type bags for the kids next year for Christmas (yes I do plan way ahead...have a ton that I enjoy doing for so have to start early)

Then they can use them to go buy their grocerys or other store save the land fills.

I also got to go to resale shop yesterday and picked up some really cool Pillow Cases that I will turn into aprons...another good way to recycle.

My next venture is going to be to start a recycle bin for my garden and once again help keep junk out of the land fills..going to have to start taking the banana peelings and put them in my Rose garden..It isn't looking to healthy right now. Looks like it is trying to get over the FLU.

Tomorrow I will take a ride in the 86 Ford Ranger to buy some top soil that is on sale at Home Depot. Good thing it won't hurt the bags if they get wet because they are forcasting rain all day tomorrow.

I think the first garden spot I will start on will be my Humming Bird garden. I plan on making 2 of them plus make the whole yard an area they will enjoy.

Take a peek at what it looks like befor I get started...I will keep you posted.

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Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

A hummingbird garden! How wonderful! You know, there is nothing I enjoy better than sitting near a feed and watching those darling little birds swooping in and out enjoying their dinner! Can't wait to see the finished product!

... aaah haaa! You've got the apron fever too, don't you? I hope you'll share photos of your apron creations with us!