Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is the Teddy Bear that I made with the quilt pieces that my Grandmother made. You can even see the Bare spots on the arm where some of the fabric has just kind of fell apart. It will be my Favorite Treasure Forever. I have a picture of it in my Website, Huggins Haven.

There you will find my offer to make a Teddy Bear for anyone that would like one from something that they Treasure from someone in their Family :)

Also, be sure to check out my ebay listings!


Betzie said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog.
Your bear is adorable! I love bears, used to make them while my sons were growing up...got tired of all that stuffing, so I moved on to new things.
8 sons??? Oh my....I have two sons...how blessed you were and nice you did get one daughter too!
I do sell on ebay from time to time...my ID is luvacav. Have some things up now. Your dogs are lovely too!

freebird said...

This sounds really neat but do I dare to cut up Grandma's quilt?

nancy huggins said...

I made the bear from pieces of a quilt that she made. That is what they did tou learn how to quilt. As far as I know she only made 1 quilt in her adult life...and I have that on a bed that NO ONE will ever sleep with it. She made the pieces when she was only 7. To nice to just leave in a drawer.

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