Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This is one of the best Christmas's ever. When I was just a little girl you didn't see all the toys and electronics advertised like you do now. And there was no T V commercials either. You just knew what you wanted and you usually only really wanted 1 or 2 things.
It was the year I was 4 years old and all I wanted all year was for Santa to bring me a Doll House that lit up and with Furniture.
I can still remember waking up before it got light out and seeing our Tree all lit up and this huge Doll House under it all lit up. It was kind of dark in the room except for all the lights.
It wasn't time for me to be up yet so I had to go back to bed and wait to smell the coffee...then I knew my Dad would be up and he was always "Mr Christmas"
It was one of the best (if not the best) gifts I ever got and all I wanted to do all day was play with my Doll House. I was always taking the furniture out and re arranging the rooms (still do that now) and I played with it for many years.
Then my Mother made me pack it away. My Grandmother had this little cabin in her yard and she let me keep it there. I would go and check on it every once in a while.
I grew up and got married and started having kids...but never forgot about my Doll House in her keep it safe.
My Grandmother passed away in 1963 and my Mother let my older sister move in my Grandmothers House.
She decided that she would take it upon herself to clean out the cabin which now also had the baby buggy from my first son stored in there.
I almost cried when I found out that she rented one of those big dumpsters and put my Doll House and the buggy in the dumpster....along with a lot of items that belonged to my Grandmother.
She knew how much they meant to me but still felt like it would be O K to do that.
Long story short...she is still a beast and always will be. I don't have any pictures of my doll house but I can still remember exactly how it looked that Christmas morning in 1945....
Thanks Dad...and made me a very happy little 4 year old.

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cora said...

I'm sorry you lost your doll house like that, Nancy. It hurts a lot when other people trample on our dreams and our memories. You may not have the actual doll house, but it sounds like you have a lot more than your sister has --- it's all stored in your heart and in your memories, and those cannot be taken away from you -- ever. Someday, you'll find the house of your dreams, and you can start moving furniture around again!