Friday, March 15, 2013


Sorry I have been M I A for a while but it is getting more hectic plus having a few problems. I didn't think I was ever going to get the moving sale set up and wasn't having much cooperation with the weather. Here is what it looked like this morning

We do still have the mower and about 1/2 of the planters but about 1/2 or more is gone inside and outside
We had 2 A C units and sold 1 so far
There is going to be an auction just a few miles from here tomorrow so of course we have signs up trying to draw customers that might be going to that. They are auctioning off a house and all the contents so that will help. We sold the pick up Truck so won't have to rent car hauler and haul that up there and that will save $60.00 plus the insurance for the hauler..another bigger item we sold was our gas stove

We just put a small wooden table in it's space and can use electric fry pan and microwave...Looks kind of weird with it gone

I have someone coming to look at the vintage stained glass windows tomorrow and keeping fingers crossed. Also sold the round table and 4 chairs but still have the drop leaf table and it takes up a lot of room so hope it sells tomorrow
The other bigger items I am selling is a book desk and the vintage French Provincial dresser set.
We took a trip up North on the 4th and it was not good. Billy was O K Sunday but woke up on Monday with short term memory loss and it is really bad. That is a big problem for me because now more things are left up to me. He stopped for directions 3 times within 5 miles (on a trip we have made many times)  and they told him directions and by the time he walked back out to car...he forgot. That is when I realized something was wrong. I went in the third time and lady in gas station had to repeat directions 6 times and then he still tried to go South when we were going North. It is not good and he knows there is something wrong but refuses to admit it. I made Dr appt for him on Monday and he is refusing to go so there may be a big fight. It is really scaring me because he also opened the door today and Labs got out and were gone for about 3 hours and where we will be staying there is a very busy highway close and that worries me a lot. My son said he would put a fenced in area for us while we stay there and that will help but we will have to walk them out there on leash. I also found a trainer up there that said she can train them not to take off. I don't know how much it will cost but I really have no choice and I do not want to have to scrape them up off the highway.
I will start selling again as soon as we get moved to try and save up for my Dogs. While they were running the woods they also got in a lot of mud so that meant baths (and just went ahead and did all 4 of them) and after setting up for sale plus running the sale I do have  back and neck pain.
I just want this to be over and get him to the Dr. We are picking the U Hauls up on the 4th and 1 son is coming down on train to help plus I was able to find some other help. One man that came to sale today bought 4 cook books so that was a big help also. I know some of you have been praying for me and it is working so please keep the prayers coming.
I will post pictures of what is left at moving sale in my next post and maybe even have some better news about Billy.
I do come on computer some times late at night and am able to leave comments on a few posts so please don't think I am ignoring the rest of you...I will try and leave comments as soon as I am able. Hope everyone has a great week.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Thinking of you, sending more prayers! If I were there, I'd take those windows and probably other things off your hands ;) Take good care of you! -Tammy

Dani said...

Still praying for you both, Nancy and hope the sale will be good too.

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Hey nancy ...sounds like things are in motion and you will soon be moving as you have so hoped to do. I'm glad that you are having a sale and it sounds like it is going well so far..having an auction right down the road should push many buyers your way...
I'm really sorry to hear about Billy.. God willing things will get better once you all get moved & settled & he's not got so much on his mind. You two take care.

Keep me posted on your move.