Monday, February 18, 2013


Time is dragging and the weather is cold to even go out and work on sorting in garage for up and coming moving sale.....rained all day and you can hear the wind howling and it is scaring Annie real bad
This is how she looks when she gets scared or excited and has a seizure. So most of today was spent sitting in recliner or laying on the couch snuggled up with Annie ,,,,and then of course Billy brings Lucky out of the guest room that she chooses to live and hide in
She usually ends up in Billy's lap unless he has to get up to go to the bathroom.
So today was a day of doing nothing but watching T V and this 1 show came on that I had seen before with a guy (I think his name is Ross) and in 30 minutes he shows how to paint with oil paints and makes it look so simple. Just mountains and lake and trees but very pretty
This is a picture he painted that I found on his web site. I thought it was very interesting and he only uses 12 colors of oil paint on a canvass. I have most of the brushes he uses and I can buy what I don't have cheap enough.  so I kind of have this idea that maybe I will try a few oil paintings and can maybe find some more information on line or maybe even a class at a college or something once we get moved and settled. I am sure they will have some kind of classes for seniors up North somewhere and at least it won't be far to go to anything like it is here.
I am running out of ideas for Christmas gifts for family and friends so maybe if it is simple enough I can paint some ORIGINALS :) for gifts.
I used to be good in art class and also with painting on clay items and firing them so maybe I can do this.
We are going up to check things out on the 4th and get our ducks in a row and I can't wait. Haven't been any farther than the grocery store in over a year. Even with 4 dogs it will be nice to get away for a few days and then come home and have the sale and finish packing. We will be picking the U Haul up on Friday the 5th of April and will load up all day and then sleep on the floor and pull out on Sat and head North. I will just be glad when this is over with and can get on with our life.
My yooungest son is supposed to come down to help but he has been known to not do what he says so am keeping fingers crossed.
Well..That is all the news I have for this gloomy Monday and like I said..I will be glad when spring is here and can do more than sit in  recliner.


Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Bob Ross published a lot of instructional painting books--sure you could find some online--also he has a lot of products out there to help painters. He died years ago, but still has a lot of videos out there.---Jan

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, so cold here too, the wind chills make it -39, brrrr.....Beautiful painting, makes me feel warmer... Enjoy the day, Francine.

Karen said...

Good morning Nancy,
Oh I feel so bad for our animals that get scared in storms.
Our son's dogs do as well and they are meds for this. Poor things.
Oil medium that I never go into.

nancy huggins said...

We have special herbs for Annie and I just found out about another 1 that works even better. I will not give her the meds from the vet..they make her very sleepy and gain weight and do affect her Liver and kidneys and didn't help as much as the herbs do. She has epilepsey and no cure to get rid of it :(

Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, poor Annie :( Storms upset all three of our dogs now. It seems to be a 'catching' thing. I say go for it on the painting! I'm trying to decide what to paint next. The first one was so fun! Like I said in my blog post.. I researched a lot and decided to start with the water mixable oil paints since it's winter. These are non-toxic and don't stink like the regular oils might. Just a suggestion, especially if you are prone to headaches (I am). Here is a link - I only got a set of 6 and then added a burnt umber to it. So the set in this link is more expensive than mine was because it has 12 paints but I wanted to show you the type:
Good luck with everything. Moving is so rough but you will make it! -Tammy