Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Barb over at The Cabin In the Woods is where I first saw the Pay It Forward idea and I think it is a Great idea so I signed up for her P I F and now I am offering one also. The way it works is...The first 5 people that leave a comment on this post will receive a gift from me sometime in won't know when and it may be something I made or bought but it will be some kind of nice little gift from me to you. The other catch is you must offer to do the Pay It Forward on your Blog and please let me know that you did and then I will need your address. It would also be kind of fun when we get our little gift to blog about it,
This will just be a small token of friendship and a nice surprize in your mailbox when you least expect it.
Now for the other news..Billy and I made it to the auction last night and I won't say it was the best one ever but we did get a few goodies
This is the back of our little Dodge (good thing the seat goes down. Billy set up all the boxes on tables in the garage for me to go through since sometimes I buy a whole lot and not sure of everything I have until I go through it.
Kind of hard to see real good with all the garage stuff in the back ground but we had fun going through it. Some of it will go in our Garage sale in March and some will get listed on ebay and some in my selling blog. Here are just a few items I will be listing on ebay this Sunday

and that is just half of the one box and I have 3 more boxes to go through and take pictures and we also have about 60 V C R tapes...and a lot of people still have a V C R since they already bought so many tapes and don't want to invest in D V D's
I think the little Owl is Alabaster and it is carved on the back "ITALY" and we all know that Owls bring good luck. The hand lifts up and will hold your mail or important and I think is kind of unique too.
The little girl and boy figurines look a lot like a Hummell but since it isnt written on them any where I am sure they aren't. The Bird pictures are really pretty and look very old and the pictures of the Glamour Girls have a name that looks like Elvgren but is hard to see if the last letter is an "n".
I will be listing more fabric and a few other items in my selling blog tomorrow so be sure and come back to check it out,
Now hurry up and leave your comment and  HEY....  if you are number 6 or more...thats O K..ya never know what I might be up to :)


Hillcresthome Prims said...

Hey Nancy, I saw your commet you left and you are in my PIF!!!!!
I would love to join your too,so count me in girlie!!
This should be FUN and you are right everyone should blog what they get, I also blog if I get a package or swaps I do even cards, the picture of course because they took the time to send people should have the time to blog it!!!

Count me in.
I see you sure did pack the back of the van, you are let hubby and I
we do the same thing when I see a yard sale my poor husband will see it first hoping I will NOT, and I will say oh,oh,oh,oh and he will say I know honey.
Your girls are beautiful, we have 3 poodles and one of them is my Girl.Her name is Marissa but we call her Miss Priss,sometimes!
Other than that it is all guys, meaning my hubby, 2 sons and our Mocha and Koko our furbabies.
Well know that I babbled my mouth off I am off to get my husband up for work.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Nancy, count me in.....Love this PIF, FUN.......Great goodies you got there.....When I was little I remember my Father having those same owls, think they were book ends.....thanks for the sweet memories........Blessings Francine.

Debby said...

I would love to participate! Count me in!

Debby said...

You may have already received this - but, if not, please count me in!

Dani said...

Hi, Nancy...thanks for letting me know about this. My computer was crashing last night so didn't get to be the first one to sign up but here I am now. Hopefully, Alan was able to fix the problem..two bad files that somehow attached themselves to my computer. The owl is really cool, by the large is it? just curious. and I like the bird pictures too....

nancy huggins said...

The Owl is about 8 1/2" high and about 3" across the bottom. I like the bird pictures too..they are really nice and I love the older pictures. I uploaded a ton of pictures and will try and list stuff soon..having back pain and didn't get any sleep last night. You are #3 of 5 Dani :)