Monday, December 31, 2012


 I bought Billy a cool Money jug for Christmas. It will hold coins and tell you the total in there up to $999.99
How cool is that
 He always saved change in a jar and when he wanted to know how much was in it he had to dump it and count it....He emptied his jar today and jug now has $12.21 in it...Kind of fun to watch it grow (kind of went down in the jar because of Christmas
I have been going through boxes since Christmas and downsizing and right now I have 30 items listed on ebay and will be listing more all week (I hope)
I also found some more fabric and decided to list a lot of it and found these 3 pieces and thought Nellie would like some more head scarf tie things. Her B D is Feb 28th so thought I would start on her BD gifts.
Also planning to have a Garage Sale in March or April and am planning to sell the riding mower and rototiller. Cheaper in the long run to just pay someone to cut the grass than to maintain a mower and will not be planting a veggie garden..also cheaper to go to Farmers Market.
I do have some goals for 2013 in spite of the lousey economy...My biggest Goals are to downsize the load to move..make some money to move and of course finding a place to move to.
I am starting to feel like the story about the Little Engine that could :)
I love reading comments from those of you that have the time. Makes me smile and makes me in a better mood :)
Thank you for visiting my blog


Primitive Stars said...

Morning Nancy, that is really neat the money jar, I need one, can never save any.......Wishing you and yours a Healthy and Happy New Year, Hugs Francine.

Patty Sumner said...

I have a huge crock I save in all year...Love the money jug...Praying this year blesses you remendously... Blessings!