Monday, November 19, 2012


Well..The Craft show was a big FLOP..not just for me but for everyone there except the 1 Church group and of course the Pancake Breakfast. I actually did not even cover the cost of my space and the gas going back and forth...not to mention all the work making things..packing them up and then loading and unloading the car ..setting it all know what I mean.
Therefor I am having a big sale and have lowered prices and have been listing in my selling blog
I have listed over 20 dog and cat beds and a lot of my pillows and tucks...I even made a few little feed sack tucks.
I don't know if you would call it determination or just stubborn but I have made up my mind that I will sell enough to buy some gifts for the Grandkids and also get the shots due for 3 of my Fur Babies.
When you check out my blog be sure to check out all the links ...I will be adding more items as I unpack them so if you see some links without items that means I am still working on that one. If there is anything special you are looking for just let me know as I may have it in one of my bins. I do still have some more pin cushions and tote bags to list and hope to get that done this week so come back often.
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have fun shopping (and of course you can shop in your pajamas in my selling blog) :)



I am so sorry to hear that your show was a flop, that has to be a big disappointment.I hope that you get lots of shoppers and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Dog Trot Farm said...

I am so sorry to hear this Nancy, I know how hard you have worked. With craft shows you just never know, perhaps the economy played into it. Sending you Thanksgiving greetings from Maine, Julie.