Sunday, April 1, 2012


I made Guy's Hero Sandwiches yesterday and the Corn Casserole from Dean Koontz. I have never made Corn casserole before but I know I will make it again and I thought of some things to add to it.I made the Meat Ball Hero sandwich from Guy and even though I didn't have some of the ingredients and I had to improvise I have to say it was delicious.
Billy even said it was good so I know it must be true because he usually finds something wrong with most things I make. My son Mark and his wife Kelly said they were really good too.
I had extra meat balls left over so I will use them in spaghetti ..I even loved the taste of them and couldn't even eat half of it.
It called for fresh herbs but I didn't have any and no where here to buy them so I bought the herb spices in the jars
I will be mailing the cook books tomorrow and I did make 8 extra ones (plus I still have at least 15 to put on the binders) so there is more available for anyone that wants 1.
The winner of guessing the celebrities recipes is "Karen" from My Colonial home...
Please email me your address Karen..I lost all my addresses when my computer crashed
The recipes were made by...
Chocolate Cake...John Glenn
Pumpkin Bread..Joan Van Ark
Apple Brown Betty was Glen Close
Beer Bread...Ted Stevens ( was Governor of Alaska)
I will continue to try most all of the recipes in the near future
I now have 90 recipes and here are the Celebrities that were so nice and mailed recipes and some are from as far back as 2001 (Time sure fly's)
I have also received some nice autographed photos and really nice letters.
Author Dean Koontz also wrote a Story about his recipe (I call it a Love Story)...I have never seen a Love story for a recipe.
Here are the names of 20 Celebrities (if you count mine and Nellie's)
Bob Hope....Peter Falk...Bill Cosby...Paul Anka..Ed Asner..Glen Close..Laura Bush..Vanna White...Richard from Amish Stories...Mike Huckabee...Judi Ford Nash (she was Miss America in 1969 and I also have a photo of her)...Paula Deen...Stephen King...Betty White (and she did sign it herself---no agent) Jeff Foxworthy..Guy Fieri..Rick Silva (from Diners- Drive In's- and Dives...Dean Koontz and then last but not least mine and Nellie's.
I will post the rest of the names iin my next post. This post would be way to long to add them here.
If you would like to purchase a cook book or have any more questions you can email me through my selling blog.
I will accept PP as a gift or can give you the address to my bank and you can mail a check to them...made out to me
Cook Book sells for $24.99 and S&H is $3.51...Total is $28.50 for this OOAK cook book.
A big thank you to all of you that have purchase my cook book and Dani purchased 2...she bought 1 for a gift so Don't forget Mothers and Fathers Day. My cook book has no ISBN # and can only be bought from me.
I will be putting more together every day so they will be available for a few weeks..after that I will be making trips to the print shop and it may take longer to get them don't wait to long :)

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